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What is the Embrace Your Woo Membership?

The Embrace Your Woo Membership is a bundle of all of my most popular online courses designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery transforming you from feeling unfulfilled to healed and ready to take on the world! 

The Embrace Your Woo Membership Site was created to help you overcome bad habits and self-limiting beliefs by teaching you how to cultivate a spiritual mindfulness practice that you actually love. 

When you find tools that fit your unique personality, and your journey, they help you to daily tap into abundant joy and find true lasting alignment. 

Whether you're looking to cultivate a more regular mindfulness practice, or ready to dedicate yourself to walking a lifelong spiritual path, or even become a certified holistic healing practitioner, the Embrace Your Woo Membership has the tools you need as a seeker to find balance and awaken your soul.

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You shouldn't have to commit to just ONE way to self discovery, you should be free to explore the many options available to you!

Becoming conscious takes time. Yes, it would be nice if you could snap your fingers and overcome all of your self-doubts, eliminate all fear and magically wipe away all insecurities or traumas keeping you from your true soul path, but we know that unfortunately, there is no magic button. 

But, when we commit to a path of self-discovery and regularly show up to a practice to do the work we can expand our minds we can reprogram our brain. 

This reprogramming acts like a catalyst for immense life transformation and transcendence past limitation. 

The catch? Consistency is key. This is exactly why I created the Embrace Your Woo Membership, so you can first go on a journey to explore the many tools of spirituality available to you with no pressure and little financial risk. 

This exploration will help you find tools and techniques that resonate with you AND can fit into your daily life because I believe spirituality should be fun, grounded and easy to implement. 

What's Included In Your Membership:

There are many options available to you when it comes to self-discovery, cultivating a practice and healing, and now you can explore them all without breaking the bank!

Online Courses & Healing Certifications:

Astrology & Essential Oils Course (value $97)

Connect & Collaborate with Your Spirit Guides Course (value $111)

Moon Phaseology (Level 1) Course (value $111)

Chakra Healing Practitioner Certification Course (CCHP) (value $197)

Money Mindset Freedom & Abundance Manifestation Course (value $97)

The Basics of Crystal Healing Course (value $27)

The Certified Crystal Healing Course (value 197)

The 3 C's Video Course (Cleansing, Clearing & Charging Your Crystals) ( your free bonus, a value $59)

Other Helpful Resources:

Over 21+ E-Guides and Books for Instant Download 

(Visit the library to preview a small selection of the available books now)

Entry to Our Private Community Awakening Your Truth with Jenn Morgan

Bonus Video Content from CrystalsRx teaching you what crystals to use for every purpose and intention

Guided Meditation Mp4's to help you relax and restore yourself, PLUS gain access to your 'soul-mate crystal' also known as your restorer crystal.

New & Exclusive Community Courses *More courses will be added to this list as they are created and made available*

What Members Are Saying...

  • Jenn creates such a beautiful container and gives so much of her time, guidance, love and support to everyone in her communities. I feel I’m finally surrounded by people who get me!

    — Bianca A
  • Jenn gives us tons of spiritual information but asks us all to share our own gifts with the world too. The membership allows us to search within, ask questions & share ourselves. I am so glad my journey led me to Jenn!

    — Kimberly D.

In The Embrace Your Woo Membership You'll Learn How To:

👁Become a certified and accredited lightworker who can practice self healing and healing others with your Crystal Healing Certification (CCH), and Chakra Healing Practitioner Certification (CCHP)

👁Align with your soul's purpose and awaken your innate most authentic divine self

👁Get off the hamster wheel! Finally once and for all move past your self-limiting beliefs

👁Exactly how to use and perform hundreds of self-healing and self-care practices including using crystals, balancing your chakras, releasing stale and unhealthy mindset patterns, moon charting and more...

👁Turn on your psychic gifts and learn how to use your intuition in practical grounded ways 

👁Connect with like-minded souls in our exclusive group and gain invaluable support from a deeply connected community (as well as from me) 

You Gain All of This Plus: 

👁Get access to over $1500+ worth of course content and bonuses

👁Gain access to new and exclusive content

Benefits to Our Community...

  • Walking the spiritual path is like having a Unicorn, and only other Unicorn-owners understand your struggles!  The membership community is the cherry on top of the already great ice cream the membership! It is such a great place to bounce ideas off of each other, share successes, and to sometimes just have a shoulder to lean on. I feel so blessed to included in a place where I feel like I truly belong. 

    — Sharon W.

Courses Currently Available In the Membership Portal Include:

The Basics of Crystal Healing

Crystals heal our mind, body, and souls. When we understand the science of crystal healing, we can incorporate crystals as healing tools into our daily lives. This course will teach you how to make crystals work for you! This course is best for beginners with no knowledge of crystals. Value $27

The Crystal Healing Certification (CCH)

Crystals are powerful tools that shift energy in our body and can balance our emotions. There is a crystal for EVERY ailment; physical, emotional, and spiritual. When we apply crystals purposefully based on our desired outcome, we can see massive transformation in our lives and improve our quality of life. In this course you will dive into a deep exploration of crystals, how to use them, and how to safely heal others with crystals in a healing practice if you so choose. Value $197

Astrology & Essential Oils

Our unique astrology can tell us a lot about our personality, and how we react to change in our lives. This course is a journey into self-discovery which provides tools including essential oils, and crystals, that are specifically catered to balancing you astrologically so that you can find navigate your life with more flow! Value $97

Connect & Collaborate With Your Spirit Guides

The Connect + Collaborate With Your Spirit Guides Course is for the spiritual beginner who is feeling disconnected from their inner guidance system (or has never been able to access it) and suffers from stress, and anxiety because they don't know their purpose and feel lost. This course will connect you to your Spirit Guides and Animal Totems, so that you feel supported instead of lost, and provide you with awareness around your support system is guiding you throughout every stage of your life. Value $111 

Moon Phaseology (Level 1)

When learn how the moon phases affect us individually, we can work WITH the flow with moon energy instead of working AGAINST it. We can harness times of high energy to get things done, and relax, and release during stages of lower energy. This course takes you on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering deep rooted blockages, teaching you how to resolve them, and helping you create more ease in your life so that you can manifest your desires with potency. Value $111

Chakra Healing Practitioner Certification (CCHP)

The Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner Course (CCHP) is for conscious souls who want to explore their own energetic imbalances in order to find more peace, energy, and ease in life. You'll explore leaks in your energy, learn how to correct them, and become a healer for others. You'll discover techniques to safely tune into other's energies and provide energy clearing sessions that pack a punch-- leaving your clients feeling restored and renewed. Value $197 

Money Mindset Freedom & Abundance Manifestation Course

The Money Mindset Freedom Course helps you to access and clear your money blocks for good so you can develop more clarity in your soul-led business and attract money effortlessly. You’ll get 4 video lessons, and workbooks to help you process money blocks deep within your core that have been preventing you from lasting business success. It's time to release what is in your way and attract the life of your wildest dreams! Value $97

And these bonuses...

The 3 C's of Crystal Basics (Cleansing, Clearing, Charging) How-To

E-Book Resource Library

Crystals Rx Video Gallery

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 10 days to get a full refund.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at