Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainer Programme [online]

A warm welcome to this amazing 'business in a box' that gives you an already proven turn-key business - that's yours for a life-time. 

SandStory Therapy® was created and developed by me in 2018 and already, by the start of 2020 there was enough demand [and only me to meet it] to create a training programme to meet that need. So the idea to encourage, train and support other qualified, skilled and experienced SandStory Therapists to become trainers was born.

You are here because something about training others in this medium appeals to you. If you would like to know more, the next step is a Zoom chat with me to explore it all in depth after reading through the course details. Please email me at before hitting the enrol button.

You may also be here because I have personally invited you to become a Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainer. If so, that's because I believe that this is a perfect fit for you and not only will widen your impact, be incredibly satisfying but will offer you an additional income stream. 

We may have spoken and discussed this thoroughly and I am delighted that you are ready to invest emotionally and financially in becoming a Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainer.

Please scroll down and enroll - and I look forward to having you on board the training! Lx

The training details & support

The course is an online training and consists of 8 modules as below. 

Each module is an hour to an hour and a half and you are welcome to work through it at your own pace and time.

The small community of Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainers is very close and incredibly supportive. They are lively and engaged in the special, private Facebook group which you will become a part of.

You also have 6 free 1 hour coaching sessions with me as well as a monthly Clinic with the other Trainers on the 3rd Monday of every month at 10 am. These are recorded and will be available on the CourseCraft platform if you are unable to attend in person.

2020 Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainers

Cost for training

The cost of the training has been carefully priced to reflect it's value and worth. Currently it is set at £2500 [2020]. 

Payment plans are available and a full discussion is required before enrollment takes place.

The training you receive means that you will [only] be able to teach this as an in-person training. When running an in-person training at a venue, you will be recommended to charge a minimum of £300 per person for the 2 day training [2020 fee]. So running it with a group of just 10 people will offer a return on your investment [ROI] with a £500 clear profit. Going forward everything would be pure profit.

You are free to decide how many times per year you would like to run the training. 

You would also be encouraged to make the training your own - to take the core material as it is and then build on it as you feel resonate with you.

As you read this, it might be becoming clear that this is a significant investment and a step up into a new strength as a business owner. It requires careful consideration, in-depth talking through with me and a sense of moving out of your comfort zone with a courageous mindset. 

Do get in touch to explore this safely with me, with no pressure either way. Email me at Thanks!

Please enrol only after we have spoken

One-Time Payment

£2,500 once

Payment Plan

2 payments of £1,250/month

Payment Plan

5 payments of £500/month

Payment Plan

10 payments of £250/month