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Usually Seo Jones didn't care if his students attended the lectures. But today it was somehow different. The professor missed something. This look full of curiosity and the fascinating glow. "What the hell," he said to himself, walking through the library towards the office. He noticed a student. She was sitting at one of the desks, staring motionlessly out of the window. When the linkologist saw her eyes, he knew: it was her. Her absence had unsettled him.

Seo Jones sat next to the woman. "Are my lectures too boring?" Instead of startling as the professor expected, the student slowly turned his direction. "No. But my dissertation does not write itself, ”she said and continued to look up at the rain-covered sky. "May I ask who you are and what you write about?" The linkologist had become curious. "I am Bishop Franzi and I want to write about the sexuality of links." The young woman hesitates. "So far, however, I've only been laughed at by everyone." Even Seo Jones couldn't help but grin. "You mean little man and woman on the left? Come along, I'll show you something. "

The professor opened two cupboards in his office. Dozens of links stood behind glass. "Large, small, thick, thin, inconspicuous or invisible, dangerous or harmless, colored, old, new." Seo Jones pointed to his collection. “It would be new to me that links have a gender. How do you come up with the idea at all? ”Clasped his hands behind his back, Franzi looked deep into the lecturer's eyes. "Because nobody has asked for it yet." Just then Anna Lytics came into the office. "Professor, your soda." Alone again, the linkologist sat down and pondered. "Left with pugs. That would be something. "

A few days later, half past three in the morning. The doorbell rang at the front door of Seo Jones. The professor struggled out of bed and trudged down the stairs in his blue Nikki pajamas. "What's that about?" After a few seconds, drowsy, he recognized who he was looking at, Franzi, the bishop's daughter. She was trembling. "I opened a door," she stammered. "Yes me too. Mine because you rang the bell. ”The young woman shakes her head. "You don't understand, I opened a door. A door to another dimension. ”Now it was Seo Jones who looked like a train.

Shortly afterwards, the two ran past the "Knitting for naked mulch" posters of the feminist league through the hallways of the dorm. When the student unlocked the room door, Seo Jones felt a pull. "Show me the book for free on itunes you were talking about." The student handed him an ancient work, flipped through and indicated one of the pages. "I read this saying aloud." The linkologist looked at the text, but could not quite decipher it. "This is about the source of the links, a myth. Where did she get the book from? ”There wasn't much time to discuss it. The portal tore both of them inside.

"Black market", shouted Franzi when they had firm ground under their feet again, "I bought the book on the black market." Seo Jones turned. “I think that's our smallest problem. Where are we here? ”The professor had imagined the source of the links differently. "We also have to walk a bit for this," Seo heard behind him. An old man had appeared out of nowhere. "Follow me."

They reached a mountain. "The last piece goes alone, here." The man pointed to a narrow path and disappeared again. Franzi and Seo dared the climb, which ended at a cave. "Finally, Professor Jones," came the echo from the depths of the mountain. The two ran towards the voice and suddenly stood in a huge, light-flooded cave. "We are the Pagerankien, the goddesses of fate on the left," explained three women who were sitting there at a stone table. One held a pair of scissors, the second a thread, and the third goddess rolled the bone. "Every link gets its soul here." Franzi caught himself before the professor: "What are we doing here?" The three women put their tools aside. "You opened the portal. Tell us what leads you and the professor here through space and time. "

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