Spiritual Shielding and Protection - Basics

Why You Need This?


1) You're an empath

2) You're being affected by all that's going on in the world

3) You're suffering from anxiety and depression

We live in a world where people react with their emotions and if you get on social media their reactions are 1000% worse. You see this on Twitter for example, where you see people so easily triggered that they will hunt your exes down if that means bringing you down. Then there's the workplace shootings where instead of taking a firing and going, they shoot up the job or the school or where ever because they reacted using their emotions. Now there's Black Lives Matter and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes its not even that drastic but a simple wishing you death or harm with their mouths can affectively impact your life. Even racism can negatively impact your life. A simple, "F that N****, I wish he/she would just die or go away," spoken by a racist when you walk by, that you don't hear can negatively affect your life and turn your entire world upside down, even when you were simply minding your business.

Without the spiritual protection of shielding, you are left vulnerable to the wishes of your enemy, known and unknown. There are real life-people who have the power of the tongue and they don't even know it but the universe does and before you know it, you've got a string of bad luck, an illness or a death that just seemingly came out of nowhere.

Then there's the energy and psychic vampires that purposely suck your energy to replenish theirs. Did you know that there's a whole religion dedicated to this? You would never know because they look like regular people. Without shielding one minute you're full of energy, next minute you're drained and you just don't know why.

God forbid you're an empath, then you're truly out of luck.

Learning how to shield protects you from all sorts of things happening to you. From the basics of sucking your energy to the advanced of being pushed in front of a moving vehicle by some random with mental illness aka spiritually touched with entities; learning how to shield protects you from all of this and more.

Plus, sometimes your God, ancestors and spirit guides can't move fast enough and accidents and accidental death does happen.

Learn the basics of how to shield and truly protect yourself from the ills of the world. There are three parts to this basic lesson and all three parts are taught here in this recording. No, this course will NOT teach you about the buffonery of white light shielding - That does NOT work but real life, heavy duty shielding that doesn't attract you but repels your energy and negative forces away from you. 

Knowledge is Power

Customer Reviews/Testimonials

  • I am sooooo glad I decided to invest in my protection and learn this. I swear to God that I feel so much more protected. Who knew there was such a thing! Like I can physically feel the protection surrounding me! Thank you for deciding to teach this. I truly appreciate it!

    — Emma J.
  • So glad during this Coronavirus that I have this course. JUST left the grocery store and there was a fight. Bullets started flying. The person behind me got hit with a stray bullet and so did the person standing in front of me. I did NOT. Why? Because I had shielded myself right before I walked out the door. It was like the bullets didn't even notice me. I'm grateful to you, especially during this turbulent times. THANK YOU for providing this class. So glad I invested in it!

    — Ebony J.
  • Thank you for this. I feel so much more powerful.

    — Kim M.
  • I'm an empath and because I'm an empath I get sick when I'm in crowds. I came across this workshop in a group I'm in and while I missed the live, I decided to buy the recording. I'm very grateful to my spirits that I fell across this. Because of this, I'm able to better protect my energy field and now I don't get sick. I was just walking around with crystals but they weren't working in crowds. Thanks to this and learning how to do it the right way, I've been practicing and now I feel safer around crowds. I even went shopping Saturday to test it out and no sickness for me. Thank you to this wonderful woman and her spirits.

    — Hanna H.
  • I don't even know what to say except thank you. This recording has been a game changer. I live in a very toxic house and learning to shield has made living in my house a lot easier. Do you know what it's like to walk into your house and your hating ass mama is there but because you're shielded you don't even care? You can't feel her energy even though you know it's there because you're shielded. I love it. Thank you for this!

    — Nicole F.

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