21 Day Emotional Cleanse - Clearing Out The Emotional Cleanse

21 Day Emotional Cleansing - Clearing Out The Emotional Closets

New Year, New You!

To live 2020 with a crystal clear healing blueprint! I will show you how to clear out the emotional clutter that has you:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed Mentally and Emotionally.
  • Feeling Confused and Stuck.
  • Replaying Old Tapes in your head from the past.
  • Feeling Frustrated because you know there is something more to life than stress, worry, and exhaustion.
  • Feeling like an elephant is sitting on your chest as your heart races.
  • Like an emotional tsunami has hit your life and you don't know what to do to clean it up.

I know these feelings all too well, this was my life for many many years...

Until I took my power back! 

I met my emotional closets and purged all the old pain, fear, resentment, anger, disappointments that had been distracting my life and my choices to heal, thrive and grow into who I am today!

I have been in private practice as a Spiritual Guide for over a decade. I have worked with thousands of clients using these POWERFUL LIFE CHANGING TOOLS, the same tools that I upgraded my life and still use today in my daily practice of living.

      You Deserve To Live A Healthy, Happy, Healed Life!

      Life Is Meant To Be Lived Not Saved
      These words echoed through my mind many years ago while I was in a session speaking to the client's loved one who had crossed. They said,

      "Live now and stop procrastinating in the belief that you will have forever to follow your dreams. The time is NOW!" 

      I know the impact it had on my client, but I know she didn't realize the impact these words had on me. It changed everything in a great way.

      Take the stress out of your life by wondering, "How am I going to get clarity to make the changes that I have been wanting to make?"
      At the end of your 21  days, you will:

      • Have confidence in recognizing old patterns and behaviors that once held you hostage.
      • Learn the tools calm, relax and silent the mental chatter
      • Hold healthy boundaries 
      • Connect with your birthright of intuition
      • Understand the power with-in you
      • Make decisions easily and with confidence
      • Release the emotions of fear, anger, and resentment to name a few
      • Self-forgiveness 

      The emotional closets of our lives are filled with clutter from our childhood till now. I was not shown how to feel   
      And the list goes on.

      Feelings are not "Good" or "Bad"; it is how we deal with them that impacts our lives.

      For 21 Days You Will Receive

       A daily worksheet with the day's lesson and a video of me that explains step by step how to:

      Recognize your patterns and behaviors

      Identify Self-Limiting thoughts and releasing them

      How to Heal, forgive, and have compassion for you

      Dating you from Self-Like to Self-Love

      Develop your intuition to clearly trust your inner voice

       Understand how these hidden emotions and feelings have been controlling your life

      Release the story that doesn't serve you anymore


      Each day we will dive into a deeper relationship with Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence.

      This course is for YOU if you feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

      I felt alone and unsupported, I never want YOU to feel that. It's my passion to share, support and guide you into the LIFE YOU DESERVE!

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      It has taken A lifetime to fill the emotional Closets, It only takes 21 Days to clear them out with confidence and a willingness to try!

      Love and Light,

      Colleen St.Michaels

      Table of Contents

      Day 1 - Finding Balance In Your Breath
      Day 2- Be Present In Today
      Day 3 - Partnering With Intuition
      Day 4 - Meeting Yourself In the Mirror
      Day 5 - Selflessness, Self Love or Selfishness (part 1)
      Day 6 - Self-Love (Part 2)
      Day 7 - Healthy Boundaries
      Day 8 - Honoring The Infant Within
      Day 9 - Meeting The Inner Bully
      Day 10 - Becoming Your Bestie
      Day 11 - Emotions Are Indicators :Entering the Emotional Closet Part 1
      Day 12 - The Purge Continues: Part 2
      Day 13 - Release The Victim and Welcome The Warrior
      Day 14 - Releasing Expectations
      Day 15 - Dissolving The Cord To Attachment

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long do I have access to the course?

      You can access your course for 2 years. This course is not meant to be shared or distributed to people who did not purchase it It is for course guests only,

      I still have a question, how can I contact you?

      I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at