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You have probably written a lot of essays in your academic years and may have come across with Rogerian essay as well. Basically, the Rogerian essay is the other version of the argumentative essay where the main aim is to not totally dominate the other point of view but to think about something that benefits both sides.

Wondering how to write a Rogerian essay? There are many online free essay writing service, Here is a step by guide to help you make the whole process much easier.

Choose A Topic

Take your time and choose a debatable and knowledgeable enough topic to write a high-quality paper. This is the first thing the reader will going to interact with. Make sure the topic is acute, narrow and interesting in one way or another.

Collect Topic Related Information

After deciding on the topic, gather relevant information to support your viewpoint along with the controversial one.

Create An Outline

The outline is a standard requirement for every type of assignment. It will make the entire process easy for you by creating a proper structure to introduce your ideas in a logical manner.

Begin With A Shared Belief

Describe the shared belief at the start, this will help the reader to understand that the writer is trying to find a common ground to benefit both parties.

A Brief Overview of Your Position

Before examining the opposite side’s viewpoints, it is important to briefly introduce where you stand and express your personal experience as accurately as possible.

Mention The Conflicting Arguments

To find the common ground, focus on things that divide you and the opposite party. Try to recognize the problem as this is the first step towards the solution.

Point Out The Difference And Similarities Between Points

Define the conflicting points that can relate to the issue. This is an important step for the entire essay as similar and different points are the basis to further collaborate on the issue being discussed.

End With A Common Agreement

Conclude the essay in a way that can support both sides of the story. Formulate a common agreement and end with highlighting the importance of further cooperation.

Hopefully, this article helps you in writing a Rogerian essay that will be useful for you and for the other side. Before sitting to write your first draft, take time and be clear in what you are expected to write in this essay.

If you still don’t feel comfortable writing your Rogerian essay, better go for online help, there are many online writing services that provide free essays to students struggling with their academic essay writing assignments.

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