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I said Yes to a dance with the Spirit of Life.

My calling is a spiritual one...not necessarily religious.

Back in grade school, the good sisters (nuns in full habit) had us pray for vocations, and I got one. Only I was born a girl and really didn't want to commit to celibacy for life. I needed my options open, to fall in love and marry one day.

Still, I was interested in and drawn to religion and natural, universal laws of how life and god worked. 

Alongside growing up Catholic, I was also raised on a Wisconsin dairy farm and the first of eight kids in a traditional rural Midwest family. Nature was my teacher--I loved animals, changing seasons, and was exposed to a livelihood that depended on weather and other factors outside our control. Faith, prayer, trust, love, partnership with divine and powerful forces, and ordinary-life teachers of so many kinds.

Over time, I had to take a path outside of church lines. That 'born a girl thing' mattered.

It's been an adventure of 'wonder and spirit.'

Because there are others with that 'born a girl thing' going for them, and church and religion are missing something, I'm adding what is mine to offer. 

"Wonder" Spirit ... celebrating the feminine Spirit

As women, we start from a different place when it comes to deep, adult, spiritual understanding. 

You asked me what happened, why I left; this is why ... READ MORE

We all have our life-changing stories, of how we changed: Something compels us to leave home--whether home is our physical childhood home living with our parents, or a church we've gone to since Sunday school days.

We grow up and evolve. It's Nature's way; not a guilt trip burden.

Unexpected catalysts show up. They trigger unrest, guilt, regret, hurt.

My catalyst was a lot of years ago; I'm more seasoned, centered, and grounded now. ... It was my soul work path, to ponder and find peace with; a catalyst to creating, as well.

I know things that help: how to start, where to look, different questions to ask, how to sort and sift and find what one's spirit needs for peace, clarity; and how to integrate and weave in new insights.

These lessons are full of resources, tools, and stories that helped (me), and pivotal pieces I had to search for and find. 

This is an ordinary-life spiritual path-finding (or path-making) course. It comes in seven weekly bites, to digest, process, integrate, explore in a more comfortable way. You have lifetime access to all of it.

A true spiritual teacher ... sees your greatness and teaches you how to see it in yourself.  They show you by example how to trust your own guidance system, and thus help you awaken your own inner mystic and set yourself free from fear and dogma.  Good teachers help you believe in yourself rather than cultivate a belief in them.

--Anita Moorjani, Sensitive is the New Strong

About me

What's different:

  • First, I'm different. I'm independent; I get to (and do) gather resources and spiritual wisdom from many sources, including ones you're familiar with. 
  • Second, this Life Wisdom from WonderSpirit is here to help you and other spiritual seekers. What's here is mine to say. Like Anita Moorjani's words, I'm a spiritual teacher and coach who sees your greatness and wants you to see it, to confidently be and delight in being you, and to trust your divine internal, built-in guidance systems. (More on that in Lessons 1 and 2.)
  • Third, I have exceptional qualifications: experience and academic degrees and certifications in religious studies, education, and youth ministry; a masters certification in human resource management, wellness coaching, and life coaching; a lifetime of careers in personal and professional development, self-help, and happiness; and this entrepreneurial endeavor called WonderSpirit
  • More significant is that I'm not here to convert anyone.

This self-help course will help:

  • Adults in spiritual transition and midlife crisis
  • Independent seekers
  • Women (and others) feeling uneasy, not fitting in, or believing religion stuff
  • Spiritual, educated, spirit-aware, awakening souls

This course offers:

  • freedom in everything your soul knows and requires
  • encourages exploring
  • clarity for yourself and your life
  • respectful, uplifting, inclusive approach
  • Those who like practical, sensible, and just enough guidance to be confident explorers on their own
Spirit path practices
Feminine spirit
Exploring, comparing, shopping
Soul and body
Inspired Words
Death, afterlife
Making Life Count

 Personal spiritual...

Spirituality 101

  • Anne is such a blessing – she has a natural healing energy and feel to her. I am privileged to be connected to her and love getting to know her.

    — Lara L.

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Begin with a Starter Session

Imagine sitting with an old soul, someone you can talk to about anything--including deeper thoughts-about-life stuff; to be heard and encouraged, to be you, without anyone trying to change or judge you.  That's what you have here.

We often talk things out to process our thoughts, find clarity. It's in relationships, shared experiences, and conversations. There is pragmatic stuff in here. It's designed for conversations; full of eclectic resources to learn, study, question, consider, find what you're drawn to. What I found most valuable, helpful, and worth saying, sharing, is here. Mostly, it's a process, step-by-step, big questions that come up, to look at closer, investigate, and find your own peace in.


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I know; I've lived it...and others have told me that, too.


In 1987, a college assignment, research paper, took me to places outside my religion's comfort zone. It opened (and freed) my spiritual lens.  That research process led me to create this Seeker's Toolkit.  It was powerful and freeing--and worked! Still does ... 

(That college paper, all sixty pages, comes as a download with this course.)

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Anne Wondra, WonderSpirit Soul Sistering

It's different... in a good way. 

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Anne Wondra - WonderSpirit Soul Sistering | life coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 10 days to get a full refund.

What if I didn't grow up Catholic?

These are personal spiritual-quest lessons, common across people and time. What's here had to apply to all and uplift the human spirit.

Is this course only for women?

It's for those who are drawn to it. My work was creating it. I'm very comfortable being a 'sister to brothers.' I have six of them.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at annew [at]

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