Creating a Personal Spirituality

Creating a personal spirituality...

a Seeker's Toolkit

for girls who grew up Catholic and spirited, and their brothers.

Two things:

Freedom is powerfully important to me, to my Soul; yours, too.

I want that same Freedom for you, also; to feel free, encouraged, inspired, safe, here--like sitting with a sister (or aunt or grandmother) you trust and can talk to about anything, deeper things, who lets you be you without trying to change you or judge you.  We're all on our own path.

With or Without Religion

This is an uncommon spiritual / religion course.  It begins at a different place; and its desired outcome is a personal spirituality that you choose for yourself and love deliciously; one that feeds your Soul and supports your life-growing--with or without a religion connected. 

What's here--these steps and guides, pieces of truth--will light the way.

A college research paper once took me to places outside my religion's comfort zone.  An assignment changed my life, my spiritual openness, and led me to create this Seeker's Toolkit...the most powerful and freeing work I've ever put together. 

Those tools stayed with me; I use them for anything that takes me outside my comfort zone--to feel safe, find solid ground, gain clarity, and find my way.  You will, too.

It's an investment, a commitment, a modest one, all things considered.

The Seeker's Toolkit.
Personal spiritual path-finding guide.

We are your bothers ... and we give you our wholehearted blessings. But we no longer know the way. Our ways do not work anymore. You women must find a new way. 

Patricia Hopkins and Sherry Ruth Anderson, The Feminine Face of God

I grew up Catholic.

Whatever religion we grow up in, it influences how we see the world, and it's a starting place.

For most, a time comes when we question things we've been taught growing up. 

When you can’t go forward and you can’t go backward, and you can’t stay where you are without killing off something vital inside, you’re on the edge of creation. 

Sue Monk Kidd

being Catholic at the edges

caterpillars to butterflies...

In The Catholic Myth, Andrew Greeley says we can disagree with and disregard a Church's teachings; and still see that religion and culture as our heritage, that no one, not even a pope, gets to take away ...

Like family ... We may not agree, or get along, with a family member; and still, we will consider them family--and are very likely to defend them against any outsider trying to disparage them. 

Growing up Catholic comes with an independent streak, thinking for oneself, owning our right to make personal spiritual, life decisions--especially in areas that affect our own bodies, especially as women; and in matters of moral justice and fairness--the right thing to do and freedom--are instinctive.  

Greeley also noted our incredible, colorful Catholic Imagination:  Heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo; angels and saints, archangels, principalities and powers, Mother Mary, the Magdalene, and mystics; the Mass and sacraments and the smell of incense. 

A Culture

We memorized and absorbed a Catholic culture that stayed with us and shapes us.  It's a reference point we share in the world, regardless of where we are or who we are now. 

Interwoven, nuanced, parts of us: our independent, intelligent minds and opinions, and a spiritual imagination and experiences to go with it.

It's no big deal... Until it IS.

We go to Mass, sing songs, stand and kneel with everyone else, respond automatically, not paying much attention...and then something gets our attention, things that don't feel right to us, to say or do or believe.

First we ignore it; then try to make it work; defecting in place is how one author termed it.  We can't unknow what we know, though.   You tried rationalizing it, working around it, and then a last straw tips the scales.

Mine was 1996, an epiphany on Epiphany (feast of the Holy Family), a final last-straw moment of knowing I had to go;

My Spirit was frustrated, breaking at the seams, starving to be fed feminine-spiritual Soul food; a place where women and men were equally allowed to be ministers. 

(Your last-straw thing may be different; it will be a line-in-the-sand issue for you, though.)

It wasn't for me to change an institution...

I, though, had already grown spiritual needs beyond what they could see, hear, perceive, or satisfy.  (Greeley and his sister saw this wave coming in 1984 already; it was ignored.)

Change is a natural process.

A seed grows and breaks ground; an egg hatches and shells break open; Life intends our expanding, growing, and wings ...

We come equipped to do this.

I awakened to a need of feminine voices, women leaders; women-spiritual experiences, words, rituals, wisdom ceremonies, and songs, of girls' and women's soul and spirit, sacred life experiences, transitions... 

Soul sistering ...

I would love to tell you this is the perfect, best course for you.
(If you want independent, no vested interest in party lines, and finding your own answers, with respect, inclusiveness, open and affirming, I think it is.)  You get to make that call, though.

It is the best, most-important course for me to write and offer.  

From that college paper in 1987 through now in 2020, what I've included for you, is what made the most difference--to me--and also to other students I've shared it with.

This is a freedom and own-your-soul, life, kind of course... one that dances with Life, Joy, and the Divine. 

In my experience, the Spirit of Life has a sense of humor; isn't required to follow anyone's church rules; and doesn't give up on us.  

My life, like yours, has perfect catalysts and precise timing.  I want to reassure you and encourage you to test it, research whatever and wherever you need to--I did.

When you need to find spirituality on your own terms, this is a lifeline.  So am I.

Anne Wondra, WonderSpirit Soul Sistering

When you enroll in this course,

A complimentary appointment with me is included.  Schedule it when you're ready to begin.

If you prefer to talk before you enroll, a Starter Session is perfect for that.

(Also important to know: I'm about support, not selling.  So relax, breathe, and follow your heart.  I'm here to help.)

A Process guide:

Keep it Simple and Sensible (K.I.S.S.)

  • You can complicate it if you want; research whatever you're drawn to.  I did.  

Make it E.A.S.Y. (Energizes And Satisfies You)

  • I like easy; for me, a personal spirituality has to energize, make sense, and feed my Soul...that's how I approach this subject and course.  Is life always easy?  No.  We all get our share of growing pains and experiences to learn from. 

Set yourself up for Success (Happiness, Joy, Love, Freedom).

  • These lessons are tools.  How you use them and what you create is in your hands.  I've provided those that have mattered for me and still use.
It's different... in a good way. 

(Course Participant)

About me

(Why would you listen to me?)
Quick answer / links and more are at

I grew up a Catholic girl, on a farm, with lots of brothers, and a spiritual calling.

In early days, I was a parish volunteer; later entered ministry professionally--same coursework as studying for priesthood--a religious studies graduate;

I'm in my wise woman years, so there's perspective and depth--seasoning.  The 60s and Vatican II, and ten years in the legal world; that justice, equality, and fairness thread stayed.

Gifted teachers--in college, career, and life; some were Lutheran friends who asked a lot of questions that I needed good answers to--for myself as much as them. 

As for women being different, experience, and science and research that the brain and operating systems of men and women are very different; our bodies, too.  (I knew this long before science confirmed it...)

 I had to follow where Spirit led.


Who do you think you are to disagree with your church? God?... the Bible?

And that is Lesson 1 in this course. 

I had to answer that; you do, too.


When our worldview and life expands, we break the edges of our religion... of relationships, sometimes, too.

That doesn't mean somebody is 'bad' or 'wrong.' 

Nature's way is to grow, to crack open that egg, and hatch into fresh air.  to be birthed into life...

We can't unknow what we know;  or ignore how our perception has expanded, anymore than a chick can return to its egg once it's cracked open.

Twenty-some years have passed; I'm now well-seasoned (experienced, educated, in my wisdom years); grown; know who I am; have nothing to prove;


And it's time...

Freedom's important to a human Soul.

Wherever you are is where Spirit has led you. I'm a teacher, independent, and offer a safe place, and soul sistering; a place to start.

Feed your soul; evolve, expand, and grow, spiritually, personally, creatively. Be happy, healthy, inspired.

Create a personal Spirituality.
A Seeker's Toolkit.

  1. Catholic at the Edges (CATE) was a 4 a.m. inspiration. I’m a cat mom and Catherine was my confirmation name; I took those as signs.
  2.  I’m not representing any institutions.  Personal spirituality seeking takes one where it takes them.

Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit

  • I met Anne at a time in my life when I was experiencing what I've learned to call a 'spiritual awakening.' This may sound like a whole lot of fun, but to me, it was downright scary!

    Anne was able to continually calm my fears, and guide me on my personal journey in a personalized, loving dedicated way that I would not have thought possible. She didn't guide me based upon some regurgitated spiritual coaching process or workbook. She guided me through true Spirit with incredible compassion, intuition, and a pure and gentle knowing that to this day makes me feel safe and protected enough to continue my spiritual exploration and expansion. To me, Anne is simply -- "The Wondra."

    — Heather Blessington, Anne Wondra Feminine Spiritual Coaching Student 2016

Table of Contents

Spiritual practices, path resources
Feminine spiritual belonging
Who do you think you are?
Basic Essential Spiritual Certainty
Divinely Inspired Words and Works
Faith, Religions, Bridges
Death, Afterlife, and Eternal-Life
Life Purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 10 days to get a full refund.

What if I didn't grow up Catholic?

Not a problem. These are personal spiritual-quest lessons, common across people and time. What's here, for me, had to apply to all and uplift the human spirit.

Is this course only for women?

It's for those who are drawn to it. My work was creating it. I'm very comfortable being a sister to brothers.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Create a Personal Spirituality.

Your Seeker's Toolkit...for Life!