SandStory Therapy® Level 2 [online]


Hello and a warm welcome as you have a look around this page which is very brief as I am currently working on creating the training - SandStory Therapy® Level 2!

This training is only available to Registered SandStory Therapists. The aim of it is to build on the knowledge base of the Therapist. So, there won't be any new strategies, skills or approaches to learn ... the 5 Stages, the 5 elements, the grounding in presence etc are all the same. 

What is different is both a broadening and deepening of your understanding of aspects that occur within SandStory Therapy®. Let's go deeper ... and look a little closer ...

Core content

It's June 2020 as I write this and these are the main core pieces that I would like to include in the training.

Themes in the sand tray:

  • Facing the shadow
  • The mother wound
  • Searching for treasure
  • The Hero's journey

We'll also be exploring the following:

  • Understanding symbols and archetypes
  • The use of silence in SandStory Therapy®
  • Deepening presence
  • The neuroscience behind SandStory Therapy®
  • The therapeutic relationship:
    Transference, counter-transference and co-transference
    Attachment through hide and seek

  • Transformation in SandStory Therapy®:
  • The alchemical process 
  • The chakras - energy in the sand
  • The constellated tray continued
  • The therapist in the client’s tray
  • The 6 part story assessment

And more than likely a whole other host of areas that I would love to share!

When will SST Level 2 be available?

With the pandemic, in-person training at the SandStory Centre in London has been paused. The training dates set for November and December 2020 will be open to rescheduling if safety requires and participants will be notified in October 2020.

Instead, an online version of SST Level 2 will become available online from late Summer 2020. Do feel free to register your interest here by signing up below. No payment will be taken until the programme is ready.

I look forward to meeting you - perhaps online, perhaps in-person - and wrapping us up deeper in the world of SandStory Therapy®!

Warm regards, Lara

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One-Time Payment

£300 once

Payment Plan

2 payments of £150/month

Payment Plan

3 payments of £100/month