Help Me Create a Page Turning Novel Course




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Course Syllabus

Welcome to the Help Me Create a Page Turning Novel Workshop. In this course, writers will be taken through a four week course that will walk them through the steps to write a novel. At the end of the course, writers will be ready to write their next best seller. The workshop helps the writer get their ideas from their head on to paper so that they can prepare for the organization of their story. 

The course starts on February 15, 2021

Writers will also join a Facebook group to interact with the other writers, networking and discussing various topics. Get the help you need in starting and finishing your novel!

Week One
Who is my Book?
Help Me Start my Book Workbook
Week Two
Character Development
Character Development Course
Character Profile Worksheet
Week 2; Monday Homework
Week 2; Tuesday Homework
Week 2; Wednesday Homework
Week 2; Thursday Homework
Week 2; Friday Homework
Week Three
Outline/Story Organization
Week Three Assignment
Week Four
Week Introduction
Title Inspiration
Writing Checklist
End of Course Discussion: Congratulations