Viewing New Compositions-Collage in a Sketchbook Volume 2

Pushing yourself out of the Comfort Zone

The study of one image explored with a new perspective allows small intuitive changes to emerge. Working with this process can encourage more artistic flare with the understanding of the design principles.  Conversations around choices, and continued confidence through personal knowledge of the materials and the subject matter will be offered to you in this class. 

This class starts when you register for the e-course. 

Up for a Art Challenge?

If you've taken my first class, Basic of Design with Collage in a Sketchbook this would be the next class to build upon. I can't say enough about learning from one subject matter. Some will say, I'm bored with, but that's right when the major creative event happens.   I say, "good that your board with it."  I would encourage you to do something different. The next time and the time after that. We don't like to be drilled to make thing again and again. Sounds like it would be torture but it's not if you really want to learn and be able to View New Compositions. It's not a hard you just have to be committed and use simple materials that are not intimidating. Sketchbook, Magazines, , a piece of watercolor paper, sandpaper, mat medium, paint brush, scissors, and glue sticks. 

Table of Contents

Prepare for the Lessons
Supply List
Making a Viewfinder
Finding a Image
Change it up
Timed Sketches
Coat Papers and Complete a Collage
Extra Views and Thank You's

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this class function?

Each student will need to come to the dashboard section of the Coursecraft format to retrieve the lessons. There is notification that the next class is open for viewing the videos and downloadable lessons.

How long do you have with this class open?

From now, till beyond.

What if I can't get on or in?

The thing to remember is you have to login. So always go to after you are registered and login...then you should be brought to Course site I created.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

So why are the video's titled on the wrong weeks?

I've been teaching this class over the years through one of my blogs, delighted to be learning new things as I approach it in the CourseCraft format. The video's where created and have been jumble around only by their titles (pay no attention to them.) You will see what I'm apologizing for in advance on the video's. We all have to start somewhere and build from there, right? Much like an art process and practice. The art of practicing imperfection leads to ones own unique creative character.

Why only Magazines?

I would like us to use only magazines, though I know there are many great papers to use in collage and mostly the ones you make yourselves. I find that we get side track when we do that. If we have all the same materials it helps us stay on track and really understand what is being taught here. Later after class pleas do explore this process with other paper, that is the directions I would hope for you.

How does this class progress?

Weekly there will be downloadable lessons and videos sent to you through CourseCraft email.

When will this class start?

Very soon and not too long from now....

What will I learn in this Class?

The study of one view can become boring but it can also allow you to make conscious changes and build personal confidence when choosing new directions and choices.

Is there online support during the class?

Yes! there is a comment sections at the end of the each weekly lesson for you to add comments or questions. I will also invited you on to my private Facebook Group, "Abstract Mixed Media Collage." You can connect with other students and share your progress

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