Beyond The Veil Intuitive Art e-Course

Now Self Paced!!

This is my third online course and it has been shared by students all over the world, from beginners right through to advanced. This course is a follow on from my ‘Serendipity’ online course which has been extremely popular in Australia and overseas as well.

The ‘Beyond the Veil’ Art E-Course was originally run in a similar way to the ‘Serendipity’ course, fed out over 4 weeks with 6 months access to the videos and course content. It is based on my Two Day Live ‘Beyond the Veil’ Workshop. I have run it a few times this way but I think it is now time to make the course “self paced”. In the same way I have already offered the “Serendipity”. So you can enrol in the course at any time and gain access to all the classes and videos at once. Access will be ongoing.

About the Course

The BTV Intuitive Art technique was developed along side the Serendipity technique. It is stage two of the technique. The Serendipity is a lovely abstract technique enhanced by the use of stencils and layering with translucent paints. The Beyond the Veil then delves further into that painting and pulls out shapes and images by using negative positive techniques.

I have taught this workshop many times and as I have experimented with the concept of bringing images out of the Serendipity, I have ended up developing 3 distinct techniques. Misting, White Out and Islands. I will be teaching all three of these techniques. So you will in fact be able to create three different paintings in this course.

Beginners are welcome. I do have easy ways of getting images onto the canvas that mean you don’t need to have superior drawing skills. Of course those of you who can draw will be able to sketch your images on yourself. Fellow Artists will love these techniques as well.