Are You Ready to Apply for Scholarships?

This is a three month self-paced, self-guided course. Participants will learn how to locate scholarship opportunities, increase their chances of receiving scholarships, as well as how to avoid common mistakes made during the process. This course is for students in middle school, high school, college, and graduate school. A digital copy of the book "Step By Step: How to Save Thousands on College Tuition" is also included with the course. If you need additional assistance with this process, consulting time with me can be purchased throughout the course. To learn more about me as well as my courses on CourseCraft, click on my photo at the bottom of the page.  

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge on finances and debt with us. I'm still always telling parents about your services with the hopes that they will start educating their children early on how to focus on being as debt free as possible. The investment is so worth it. Don't sleep on this people. It's our job to help direct our children on how to live better than we did and how to make wiser choices. We must learn to take advantage and utilize the services that are right here for us. Anyone with children should make it a priority in their household to educate them on debt and investments. Knowledge is power. Thank you again.

    — Sharon Harris
  • Andrea advised my husband and I to talk with our daughter's college financial aid office and ask for more assistance. We did and received several thousand dollars! We wouldn't have known to ask if it weren't for Andrea. She was so helpful. She gave us tips and legit scholarship websites to visit for additional money for college. We couldn't have done it without her!"

    — Betty Faulk Hastings

Table of Contents

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How to Win the Scholarship Game
Textbook (Download)
Step 1-Preparing to Apply
Information You Will Need
Common Scholarship Mistakes
Organizing Your Time
Tips for Writing Essays
Step 2-Where To Apply
What is the FAFSA?
Types of Scholarships
Scholarship Databases
Additional Scholarship Sources
Step 3-Managing Student Loans
How to Manage Refund Checks
Managing Your Student Loans
Step 4-After You Apply
What Happened to My Scholarship Application?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee that I will receive scholarships?

I have had clients that have received thousands of dollars in scholarships, however, I can't guarantee that you will receive scholarships. Your success will depend on how you apply what you have learned in the course. This is why it is important to complete every lesson and to apply what you have learned on a consistent basis.

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid the enrollment fee, you will have access to the course for one year from the date that you enrolled.

Can you help me if I still need additional guidance with applying for scholarships?

Yes. If you need additional guidance with the process of locating and applying for scholarships, consulting hours can be purchased. Time frames along with consulting fees are listed once you click on the enroll button.

I have a general question about the course. How can I contact you?

I am happy to answer general questions about the course. You can send an email to or you can post questions in the comments sections within the course.

Technical Support

When you enroll in the course there is a small link at the bottom of the welcome email that tells you to direct technical questions to CourseCraft. You will also have the small tech support chat bubble on your dashboard.