Basic Design with Collage in a Sketchbook Volume 1

Introduction to Basic Design with Collage

These guided exercises have been formulated to help you become familiar the basics in the elements and principles of design. So many of us struggle in arrangement and composition just on the verge of understanding it but still feeling lost. Most of the time we are alone when we create our artwork and it can be hard to know if we are making good choices. Taking a step back and relearning a few things can help us evaluate our work. This can provide confidence in our choices and helping us establish a good foundation and understanding of design. Learning these skills can especially help us through the rough patches and guide us with new problem solving skills when we question and evaluate our work.

Studio peek and Intro to the Class

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Table of Contents

Supply List
Exploring Placement
Elements-Line, Value and Size
Elements-Color, Texture and Shape
Principles, Balance, Emphasis and Contrast
Principles, Unity, Pattern, Movement
Wrapping things up

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this class functions.

Each student will need to come to the dashboard section of the Coursecraft format to retrieve the lessons. There is notification that the next class is open for viewing the videos and downloadable lessons.

What if I can't get in or on?

The thing to remember is you have to login. So always go to after you are registered and login...then you should be brought to Course site I created.

How long do I have access to the course?

This class will be open through 2021 and beyond

How will this class help understand design?

By keeping everything very simple it lets us focus on the elements by themself and allow us to see it in the world around us.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Can I use other papers beside magazines?

At this point we want to keep distracts low key, magazines only, allows for less choices to see it all in it's basic form. Having too many choices is one of the biggest problems.

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  • How did you like the online class format?

    — Joan said, "I find it very convenient. Nothing like in person but glad to have something I can work on when I have the time."
  • Did you find the video's helpful?

    — Joan said, "Definitely. To see someone doing the steps is much better than just reviewing the instructions. Then when you go back to the PDFs, it’s very clear since we’ve seen it done."
  • Do you think that working in a sketchbook with the design skills will help you gain confidence in your other artwork?

    — Jane said, "For me everything helps with any artwork I do."