Charlotte Mason Unboxed

Charlotte Mason Unboxed is the perfect online course for homeschool beginners, those in a need of a timely refresher, or mamas who just need a fresh start with the Charlotte Mason philosophy. 

You can start whenever you like and go at your own pace. The course is packed with rich practical content to inspire and empower you to homeschool YOUR way. 

Through Charlotte Mason Unboxed you will: 

  • UNBOX Written Reflections that will ignite a passion for implementing Charlotte Mason's philosophy in a style that works for you
  • UNBOX Practical Videos that offer tried and tested tips and tactics
  • UNBOX Audio Recordings that will inspire you to think differently
  • UNBOX Awesome Ideas and Resources that you can put into practice straight away
  • UNBOX Free Updates as your homeschool journey unfolds. Pay once and then you get even MORE content from time to time.

This course is not a curriculum to restrict you but a compass to guide you in the right direction for your family. You will unbox powerful insights and reminders whatever the stage and age of your children. 

All for a ONE TIME PAYMENT of only £29! 

Through Charlotte Mason Unboxed you will lift the lid off: 

  • How to translate the early 20th Century educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason into your 21st Century home
  • How to grasp the only two Mason Motto's that really matter 
  • How to understand the transformative power of the "born persons" approach
  • How to set an atmosphere for learning that will fuel your whole day
  • How to determine the right living books to use for your family
  • How to harness the impact of narration to start a new chapter in reading
  • How to lay out a feast of learning that will keep your children moving at a pace of grace

Ready to maximise your homeschooling?

Plus UNBOX massive improvements in your day to day homeschooling through... 

  • A Framework of Freedom: How to set the right schedule that works for your family
  • A Pattern of Proficiency: How to use different types of study across multiple subjects
  • A Rhythm of Reading: How to practically create a culture of literacy
  • A Template of Telling Back: How to creatively narrate your way through any day
  • A Walk in the Wild: How to make your nature study feel like a breath of fresh air
  • A Developing Dream: How to walk through the older years of homeschooling
  • Normally I’m a black and white thinker. In my mind, if things don’t go according to the book, I’m not doing it right. Leah’s course has given me the keys to successfully and confidently plan our home school. I’m excited to try some of the tools Leah gave us when we start up again next week.

    — Homeschool Mama - Modern Miss Mason Courses
  • I've never felt so much freedom to just be me. CM curriculum/communities can come with a lot of rules and be very specific as to what they deem is "proper" CM. Leah helps us to embrace the CM philosophy by giving us the confidence to choose our own path within CM. She gives us tools to help us narrow our focus to what really matters in our family culture. I am loving this course so much and am so thankful.

    — Homeschool Mama - Modern Miss Mason Courses
  • I wish mother’s everywhere knew about this. We would be walking superheroes with confidence in ourselves to match.

    — Homeschool Mama - Modern Miss Mason Courses

Charlotte Mason designed her ideas to inspire an education for all. This means whatever your family circumstances, whatever the unique and complex needs of your children and whatever your faith background is, you are welcome here. This is for you. 

And if that is not enough content already; there are so many real world tips and tactics on how to make the most out of copy work, picture study, music study, creating a Book of Centuries and so much more!As a homeschool mama for over a decade, I wish I had this course when I first started out and I am so excited for you to join this ever growing tribe of families that are unboxing the Charlotte Mason philosophy for themselves.

Leah x