Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

By the time I found my way to therapy and a Mindfulness practice I was worn out, stressed out, and on the edge of burnout. 10-years working in fast-paced corporate jobs, living in NYC, and working 50-60 hour weeks had me fried.

The highs had me experiencing anxiety that left me irritable and edgy toward the ones I loved (some even told me I was angry), and I always felt like I was one step away from an emotional meltdown.

The lows made it hard for me to see the beauty in my life, my friends, my loved ones. I was never present. I had a hard time appreciating what I had, and sometimes felt so overwhelmed that I wouldn’t get off the couch unless it was to drag myself back to work.

I can promise you, mindfulness saved my life...


Give you better emotional regulation

Increase your sense of calm

Decrease judgment of self and others

Better your coping skills

Improve cognition, increase attention, and focus

Increase immune function

Decrease stress and anxiety

Increase body satisfaction and self-worth

Improve clarity in thinking

Treat and help prevent depression recurrence

This course isn't only for those who are actively working with anxiety and depression.

I truly believe all of us could benefit from deeper insight and tools to live a more calm, present, and connected life. Ultimately helping us to enjoy, more fully, the every day.

Mindfulness has not only decreased my anxiety and depression symptoms, but it has made my world more vibrant. I am happier, healthier, and more grateful each day for not only the good but also the struggle. I don’t get thrown off by the little things like I used to.

I want to bring my learnings to you…


Combined teachings and exercises from MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), Buddhist and Yogic Psychology, Vipassana and Mindfulness Meditation, Depth and Somatic Psychology, and my 10+ years of living this work.

Unique combination of tools that can help you break free from anxiety and depression to find the calm and perspective you long for.

Over 8-hours of clinically proven learnings, workshops, and resources.

Access to the private community! You’ll have lifetime access to a private Facebook group where you can find support, ask questions, and share in a safe space. I will also be doing weekly Q&A sessions to help address any of your questions or struggles live.


Week 1: Laying the Ground Work 

  • A deeper understanding of depression and anxiety and how they take hold of us.
  • Why mindfulness has been clinically proven, and how it can work for you to help manage symptoms and lead a more calm and centered life.
  • Introductory tools to help you distance yourself from, manage, and ultimately get in front of your symptoms.

Week 2: The Brain and the Body

  • We get nerdy and do a science deep dive to gain a better understanding of the brain, its structure, and the neuroscience behind depression and anxiety.
  • How becoming more connected to the physical body can help you manage symptoms (and exercises for doing so).
  • Learn to track and feel if you are within your range of resilience and how to bring yourself back inside once you bust out.

Week 3: Gathering the Scattered Mind Through Breath

  • An understanding of how, when, and why we use the breath and how our breath can be either our greatest ally or our biggest enemy.
  • The best techniques to use when in an active panic or anxiety state.
  • Exercises for grounding and bringing yourself out of rumination and future-tripping and into the present.

Week 4: From Resistance to Better Habits

  • Learn about the cast of characters in our heads and the multiple layers of the negative experience.
  • How to set up an early warning system.
  • Round out the previous weeks by seeing how we can take the practices we’ve learned (plus a few new ones) and turn them into lasting habits.

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    “Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart for doing these courses and sharing your knowledge with my sister and I. You have no idea how much these courses impact our lives!”
    — Ali C.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. The course is meant to be watched 1 class at a time with 1 week between each class (in order to create lasting habits and practices).

    What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

    Due to the immediate direct access of this video course and its materials, I do not offer refunds for the product.

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