Fashion Design Management

Introduction to Fashion Design

Clothing has long been used as more than just a way to cover people's bodies. Different types of clothing clearly reveal status, especially in the past but even today, and also the wearers’ personalities. This need to conceal and also to reveal relies on a range of different clothing types and will often be chosen by wearers to do both. One of the most puzzling aspects of clothing is fashion.

As mentioned above, clothing often clearly reveals status and social class. This can be seen in the boss wearing a business suit and the workers perhaps jeans or a uniform. This difference, however, may completely disappear at the weekend. Clothing changes throughout life. People wear different clothes in the cradle, in school, at university, starting work, special occasions (weddings and funerals), or getting promotions. Death has a particular type of clothing both for the dead and those mourning and this can also be different according to culture. For example, in some places, people wear black at funerals whereas in others the color to wear is white.

Clothing is also a signal of personal identity. It can be a reflection of the person’s goals, moral principles, and can also show self-assurance or the lack thereof. Clothing is often a clear indication of an activity that people are about to engage in. On the flip side, clothing can be used to indicate something a person is not. In this case, the clothes are worn more as a costume, a cover, if you will. Specific types of clothing also reveal people who belong to a particular group or membership of a specific group.

When used in its most basic form fashion simply means changing shapes or types of clothing. People have in the past, and today, felt the need to adorn themselves. This has led to opportunities for people to develop their own sense of style and/or reveal a place in society. Fashion is only one of many factors to consider when creating a garment for the market. The general appearance, as well as the way it can be used (i.e., for fitness purposes or for work), must be considered.

When creating a particular style for a certain individual which includes not only clothing but also accessories or beauty products which are consistent with the personality, this is called fashion designing.

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Introduction to Fashion Design
Elements of Design
Principles of Design

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