Human Resources Management

The main responsibilities of the personnel department include hiring, evaluating, training, and compensation of employees. The human resources department deals with any issues facing the staff in their working capacity within an organization. HR is concerned with specific work practices and how they affect the organization’s performance.

Today, Human Resources Management deals with:
1- Anything related to managing people within a company or organization. This means decisions, strategies, principles, operations, practices, functions, activities, and the methods used to manage employees.

2- The type of relationships people have in their places of employment and anything that affects those relationships in a positive or negative way.

3- Ensuring that employees are satisfied with the conditions of their employment. This leads to better services and production of goods and helps the company’s success.

When we talk about human resources in a business situation it means the workforce, i.e., the employees of a company and what skills and energy they bring. This includes any ideas, creativity, knowledge, and talents that employees bring with them and use to help the organization be successful. In other words, the resources a person has or the knowledge and experience developed over the years.

HRM focuses on bringing in (recruiting) new employees with new talents for the company and managing employees. Another function is to guide and help said employees by providing direction when necessary. In a large organization, with a lot of people, it is important to have a department that specifically focuses on staff issues. These issues are things like hiring, performance management, organizational development, training, occupational health and safety, motivation incentives, communication, workplace culture, and environment.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to HR Management
Recruitment and Selection
Staff Training and Development

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