Guided Imagery in the Classroom: Theory, Benefits and Practical Application

Just as we have seen the positive impact other mindfulness programs have brought to classrooms across the country, guided imagery is a simple to use tool, that can have a major impact. 

By teaching healthy habits, instilling valuable character traits and promoting positive mindsets, we can help our children lead happy childhoods and grow into confident and caring members of society.

Course participants will receive feedback on quizzes and written submissions, a certificate of completion, as well as guided imagery resources for themselves and their classroom.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Getting Started
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Course Outline
1.3 A Little About Us
Section 2: Working With the Subconscious: Science and Theory
2.1 Three Parts of the Mind
2.2 Established Belief
2.3 The Science
2.4 The Theory
2.5 Quiz: Brainwaves and Parts of the Mind
Section 3: Benefits of Guided Imagery
3.1 Mental Benefits
3.2 Physical Benefits
3.3 Benefits For Children
3.4 Quiz: The Benefits of Guided Imagery
Section 4: Guided Imagery Resources
4.1 Resources for the Classroom
4.2 Books and Audio Recordings
4.3 Quiz: Classroom Resources

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