Boost your Business with a Book February Course

Materials needed:

Pen/Pencil (optional)

Paper (Optional)

Laptop/device (required)

Proper email account is needed in order to send assignments to instructor.

Participation is required

Coming February 7th, 2022-February 12th, 2022

Course Syllabus

Join in a five day workshop that will help you write a book surrounding your business. 

This five day workshop provides step by step information on how to write a book that surrounds your business. 

This course touches on topics that encourage you to write a book surrounding your business and why this can be a great profit and promotion for your services and business. It also teaches about target market, marketing and organization to help you create the best product for your business. 

Students will join a Facebook Group that requires participation that allows you to talk with other students as well have discussions about the days lessons.  Homework assignments are included and are daily.

This workshop is the best start in getting you to write a best selling book to surround your business and services. Sign up today!!

Day One
Are we Connected?
Why Write a book?
Your Book Niche
Ask a Question
Homework Assignment
Day Two
Target Market
Research and Reassessing your Target Market
Ask a Question
Homework Assignment
Day Three
Lashaunda Hoffman
Interview with Lashaunda Hoffman
Day Four
How to Shop Around for an Editor and Designer
Ask a Question!