Motorcycle Electrical 101

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First we will start with the basics of motorcycle electricity. Motorcycles built after 1970 all operate on a 12 volt DC electrical system.
All electrical action requires a complete circuit from the positive terminal of the battery. The key to troubleshooting is to think of electrical circuits like a flow. Power has to flow from the battery, through the coil, and back to the battery. The coil is like a wheel. Fluid must move across the wheel for the wheel to turn. If anything impedes the flow, the wheel will not turn. Things like a blow fuse, or and open switch will impede the flow.

Knoble Moto Motorcycle Electrical 101

This class covers the 101 of the electrical system on your motorcycle. 

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Table of Contents

The Basics
The Basics 2
Troubleshooting 2
Troubleshooting 3
Troubleshooting 4
Quiz 1
Meters - Checking Voltage
Meters resistance
Electrical Diagrams
Electrical Diagrams 2
Quiz 2
Lighting: Headlight
Lighting: Brake and Tail
Turn Signals- Thermal Switch

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