Why a pocketbook of prayer? 

Because it's wonderful to have the right words readily available to encourage or guide you when you most need inspiration or comfort. It's small enough to bring along wherever your daily travels take you.

Of course it goes without saying that you could use the techniques in this course to create a small book for any purpose. But the supportive element is what inspired me to put all of this together for you. :-)

As a gift, these little journals would offer a beautiful way to share some love with others whom you know could benefit from connecting regularly with their own inspiring collection of words.

Why air-dry clay? 

This is a wonderful medium to use for book covers because at the proper thickness, it's durable; it's friendly to work with, and you don't need a kiln to achieve a polished/glazed look! The brand I'm currently playing with offers this clay in three colors—white, black and terra cotta—all of which can be painted. Also, I love that it offers so much tactile character and opportunity for you to express yourself perfectly.

What will be covered? 

I'll walk you through the process of creating forms that you'll use for making covers from air-dry clay. It's a lot of fun designing these covers to make them meaningful to you.

You'll see how to work with the clay, including adding interesting textures and/or small words. When the covers are dry, I'll show you my process for adding color and varnish and then, after preparing the paper of your choice for the journal's signatures, I'll show you how to stitch everything together for the big finish.

I'll leave how to fill the pages up to you. :-)

You CAN make this!
I'll show you each step of the way.

Table of Contents

Making Forms
Working the Clay
Preparing to Paint
Preparing Signatures
Adding Color
Binding the Book
EnJOY Your Journal!
Bonus - Hand-Cut Letters

Time Length of Lesson Videos

Hello and Welcome! (03:17)

Making Forms (22:00)

Working the Clay (15:10)

Preparing to Paint (04:43)

Preparing Signatures (05:18)

Adding Color (17:28)

Binding the Book (24:08)

Enjoying Your Journal (01:44)

BONUS: Hand-Cut Letters (02:42)


  • acrylic high-gloss varnish
  • acrylic paints, colors of your choice
  • air-dry clay (Plus by Active Products), color of your choice
  • alphabet stamps (optional)
  • bookbinding awl
  • bookbinding needle (or tapestry needle)
  • cardstock, to be used for a template, approx. 4" x 5" (10cm x 13cm)
  • clay tools: roller, blade, any texture tools you like
  • craft knife and an extra blade or two
  • cutting mat
  • detail scissors (sharp)
  • fun foam, 6” x 8” (15cm x 20cm), 2 sheets 
  • hole punch, 1/16” (2mm)
  • nonstick cardboard, such as a half-gallon milk carton
  • paintbrush(es), your choice
  • paper towel 
  • pencil
  • paper for signatures, several sheets
  • releasing agent (optional) such as soy wax or lip balm
  • ruler (I use a quilting ruler)
  • small cup of water
  • stir straw
  • waxed linen or other thread and beeswax, approx 48”–60” (1.25m–1.5m)

    Additional color-mediums (optional)
  • heat gun
  • ICED Enamels Relique Powder(s)
  • metallic leaf and/or metallic foil 
  • Quickie Glue pen (Sakura)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

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