Jumping Skills

Online Agility Skills Class - 12 weeks for $175

Teach your pup to build core strength, collect and turn, extend, focus on the bar, square up for backsides, and so much more.

Every other week, two homework assignments will be released for a total of 12 assignments. You can post your assignment videos on CourseCraft or use our private Facebook group - your choice!

Online class starts 9/25/19.
12 weeks of homework & instructor feedback.

Don't want to submit video? Use code AUDITOR for 25% off.

Sign up for Jumping Skills starting 9/25/19.

$175 for 12 weeks of instruction.

Is this class for your dog?

Bar knocking:  In collection. In extension. On a slice. When there's a tunnel ahead. No matter why your dog knocks bars, we will address it!

Hates collecting: If your dog prefers jumping in extension above collection, we will help you teach them to collect and LIKE IT.  ;-)

Not a fan of jumps: If Jumpers is your dog's least favorite class, you can help build value in jumps through SHORT sessions with CLEAR goals and BIG rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age/level is this class for?

This class is great for all levels. You can work at any jump height you wish.

How long do I have access to the course?

The first lessons unlocks on Wednesday, 9/25. The classroom will close 3 weeks after the final homework assignments are released.

YouTube videos from the lessons can be bookmarked for later personal use.

What agility equipment do I need? And how much space?

The lessons require up to 4 jumps and 1 tunnel. For some exercises, you may be able to substitute sending around a cone/barrel/tree for the tunnel.

Do I need any special technical equipment to access the course?

If you are submitting video, you will need a way to record video and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or another link-able location.

For accessing the class, any web browser should work for reading the class pages, watching videos, and posting your videos, questions, and comments.

Can I do the class on Facebook?

Yes! We will be posting the assignments here, but there is a private Facebook group for students of this class. You'll get the link as soon as you register. You are free to submit your homework videos there if you prefer.

Can I work two dogs?

YES. Here are your options: You can pay $175 and submit videos for one dog per assignment... or... you can paypal a second tuition fee (to and work both dogs for all exercises.

Keep each dog in its own video file. (Especially if your dogs are the same breed & color!)

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Don't want to submit video? Use code AUDITOR for 25% off. You can post comments and ask questions as an auditor.