Customer Services Management

What is Customer Services

Customer Service is defined as value-added features or services offered with the product that the customer has bought in order to make him happy. It also means constant support and helps offered by the organization for using the product which is bought. Customer Service basically means giving something extra to the customer to add more value to the original product/service. All the organizations have a strong focus on customer services as it can make their product stand out from amongst the competitors. All the employees of any organization are involved in customer service and are responsible for satisfying the customer’s needs and making him happy. Good customer services can help an organization dominate the market, whereas, negligence in this area can cause a great deal of loss.

A customer is someone who buys your products or uses the services that you offer. The key purpose of any business is to make the customer’s happy and satisfied with their products/services and to gradually convert these customers to brand loyal clients. Another key objective of the businesses is to attract the attention of the customers with their product and innovate to keep them from doing business with their competitors.

In order to achieve that objective, the organization needs to focus a lot on the customer services that they are offering. All the employees in the organization are expected to help the customer’s whatever way they can. Customer service centers are established to facilitate the needs of the customer, answer his queries and satisfy his concerns. So, customer service is basically the interaction between a customer and an employee of that organization

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Table of Contents

What is Customer Services?
Knowing your Customer’s Needs
Importance of Customer Feedback and Complaints
The Value of Training and Development in Customer Service
Importance of Building Long-term Customer Relationships

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