Level 6 New Hermetics - the advanced adept

This is a brand new, interactive online class that will take you through all of the New Hermetics tools from level One to Six and more in a totally new and immersive format. 

This is the sign up page for the sixth level only.

The full six level course takes approximately 200 days to complete.

The course consists of daily videos from me providing direction and insight into how to utilize the New Hermetics tools for your own personal growth, along with specific assignments in utilizing them for the most efficient transformation.

Additionally, supplementary tools from the Next Generation New Hermetics tools and the advancements in The Book of Magick Power will be integrated and offered as alternatives throughout the course. 

All of the incredibly powerful meditation recordings are now embedded directly into the course. You will be able to use them on your computer, phone or any device with internet access anywhere in the world.

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You will be able to interact with me directly any time, any day. This is going to be an amazing way to work with you individually and get to know you better! (And vice versa!) I normally charge between $100-150 per hour for private consultations and you are going to get to interact with me every day for an incredibly low price. I do this because I passionately believe in this material and want to help people get through it!

This is a very hands on course, involving exploration of yourself, written exercises, meditations, rituals and other practices that will awaken the latent spiritual powers within you, and expand your awareness dramatically.

It is a course that moves much more quickly and practically than any other esoteric course. You will be discovering your power immediately. it is an amazing course that those who have been in it are loving.

If you are interested in developing your inner resources and awakening yourself and your gifts, you have found the right place.

The tools at the sixth level are related to the development of both spiritual and magical power (the sephirah Geburah) learning to use that power (path of the Hebrew letter Teth), absorbing power, (path of the Hebrew letter Yod) as well as understanding the “karma” of our past and using this to consciously remove impediments and create our own reality (path of the Hebrew letter , Kaph) respectively on the tree of life. There has been little Western writing on this section of magical development. Much of this seems to be due to the fact that the Order of the Golden Dawn fell into schism before ever having to develop a curriculum for this grade, and it is this organization to which most of modern occultism owes its existence. Aleister Crowley felt he had moved well beyond this grade, but in all his voluminous writings only left us a few clues as to his experiences and instruction for this grade. James Eshelman, in his book on the A.'. A .'. ran into the same problem, and his chapter on the “Adeptus Major” grade is very vague. This is because Crowley wrote little about it, and Eshelman defers to Crowley on all matters. We can summarize most of Crowley’s thoughts in just a few sentences. In “One Star in Sight” Crowley says of the grade of Adeptus Major, “Obtains a general mastery of practical Magick, though without comprehension.” Further he states:

“The Grade of Adeptus Major confers Magical Powers (strictly so-called) of the second rank. His work is to use these to support the authority of the Exempt Adept his superior. (This is not to be understood as an obligation of personal subservience or even loyalty; but as a necessary part of his duty to assist his inferiors. For the authority of the Teaching and governing Adept is the basis of all orderly work.) To attain the Grade of Adeptus Exemptus, he must accomplish Three Tasks; the acquisition of absolute Self-Reliance, working in complete isolation, yet transmitting the word of his superior clearly, forcibly and subtly; and the comprehension and use of the Revolution of the wheel of force, under its three successive forms of Radiation, Conduction and Convection (Mercury, Sulphur, Salt; or Sattvas, Rajas, Tamas), with their corresponding natures on other planes. Thirdly, he must exert his whole power and authority to govern the Members of lower Grades with balanced vigour and initiative in such a way as to allow no dispute or complaint; he must employ to this end the formula called "The Beast conjoined with the Woman" which establishes a new incarnation of deity; as in the legends of Leda, Semele, Miriam, Pasiphae, and others. He must set up this ideal for the orders which he rules, so that they may possess a not too abstract rallying point suited to their undeveloped states.”

A brief meditation will reveal that Crowley is basically stating what I stated above, but in slightly more mysterious terms. Each of the “three tasks” is related to path on the tree of life and hence a Tarot Card, The Hermit- “self-reliance etc,” The Wheel of Fortune- “revolution of the wheel of force etc,” and Strength (or Lust)- “whole power…Beast conjoined with woman etc.” In “Liber Viarum Viae,” Crowley offers a slightly different take on the paths and their magical significance, but still using the Tarot as a basic model:

8. Teth. The Protection of the Sphere. Liber O.

10. Kaph. The Evocation of the Mighty Ones. Liber {sic}

9. Yod. The Absorption of the Emanations. Liber DCCCXI.

Unfortunately, “The Evocation of the Mighty Ones” is a very obscure reference, and whatever “liber” Crowley had in mind has been lost to history. The first line seems to relate to the banishing rituals found in Liber “O,” (one could also say it refers to those invations as well) while Liber DCCCXI is “Energized Enthusiasm” and clearly relates to the internal transformation of sexual energies.

Much of the above forms the basis of the tools you explore in this level. But in essence, the real task of this level is to continue the equilibrium of the forces in your lower personality, and to more and more yield to the instruction of your own higher consciousness embodied in the experience of the “Holy Guardian Angel,” or “cosmic consciousness.” You must become aware of the purpose of your incarnation and set about to accomplish your will. Continuing to use the tools of the previous levels will assist you greatly in this, but you will also have some amazing more advanced tools in your arsenal. 

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Table of Contents

Day 1 - The Power of Goals
Day 2 - Integrating the Elemental Powers
Day 3 - Integrating the Elemental Powers
Day 4 - Integrating the Elemental Powers
Day 5 - Rose Cross Mandala
Day 6 - Evoking Positive Qualities
Day 7 - Evoking Negative Qualities
Day 8 - Advanced Purification and Consecration
Day 9 - The Lion Serpent
Day 10 - Body of Logos Kai Sophia
Day 11 - Advanced Communion
Day 12 - Complete Inner Alchemy
Day 13 - Advanced Purification and Consecration
Day 14 - The Lion Serpent
Day 15 - Body of Logos Kai Sophia

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