Align With Love Online Course

Are You Ready to Align With Love?

There is a common thread, a vein through the undercurrent of our society that connects us all, and that is love.

We all desire to love in some capacity, even those who don’t want to openly admit it. But what happens when we open up to love and find that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there? What do we do when love seems hopeless and more like a fictitious fairy-tale than a realistic goal or dream?

Maybe it is not about love not being attainable? What if love has always been available, but we have been facing love on lockdown due to love-limiting beliefs?

I invite you to join my free Align With Love Online Course. During the course of a week, you will receive free love coaching sessions. Think of it as a condensed version of my Love Transformational Coaching Packages straight to you each day for free!

What’s the catch? Just your participation and open heart!

If You...

  • Want to attract a divine partner or conscious relationship
  • Are single and ready to attract more conscious love partnerships
  • Have felt like you keep attracting the same patterns in partners and relationships
  • Struggle or have struggled with finding and maintaining healthy and balanced relationships
  • Are ready for a full-on transformation within yourself and your love life

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Table of Contents

Day 1 | Getting Clear On What You Desire
Day 2 | What's Got You On A Love Lockdown?
Day 3 | If You Wish Upon A Star...
Day 4 | Light, Love, Action!
Day 5 | So, What's Next For You?