Relationship Pattern Quick-Guide Course

Does it ever feel like your love life is stuck on some weird holding pattern?

Like, no matter what, the same tune keeps playing and the "song" is starting to get a bit old?

Why do we feel like we continue to attract the same behaviors in our love relationships and other areas of our lives?

We tend to attract certain patterns and behaviors in other people that mirror back an aspect of ourselves. Enter, the self-perpetuated relationship pattern!

I invite you to join me today during my free ecourse to discover what relationship patterns are, what types of archetypes many people fall under, and why we fall into the energy and patterns of specific archetypes with certain partners. 

I believe that knowledge leads to liberation if you use it in a productive and constructive way to bring light to the shadows and to gain clarity on where we need to release old patterns and what patterns we would like to create in our lives instead.

So, join me as I walk you through the topic of Relationship Patterns and Archetypes!

Table of Contents

What is a Relationship Pattern?
The Caregiver
The Alpha
The Parent
The Codependent
The Push-Pull
What's the Next Step?

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