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Are you ready to break the cycle of dating drama?

Does this sound familiar?

✔️ You feel caged and trapped by thoughts and emotions you don't understand, which are triggered when you are ghosted, rejected or abandoned by your love interest

✔️ You're stuck in the same cycle in relationships over and over. You've noticed this pattern for a long time, and you don't know how to break free

✔️ You keep attracting partners who don't want you, won't choose you and won't commit (perhaps they're not single, or live in a different country but you have "such a strong connection"

✔️ You feel tormented by overwhelming, tumultuous thoughts of a past partner

✔️ You don't understand why the same emotions are coming up over and over again

✔️ You have a death-grip on terms like "soulmate" or "the one," leaving you unable to move on from them

✔️ You've reached a point where you admit you're a mess in love and dating, despite having success in your career 

Imagine how it would feel to:

✨  Finally having peace and clarity in love and relationships

✨ Have the tools to break the cycle of painful relationship patterns and feel truly free for the first time

✨ Be confident and empowered, and deeply trust yourself in love and all other areas of your life

✨ Understand your emotions, your thoughts and your heart

✨ Have access to resources and tools to help you get clear on exactly what you need to work on within, and knowing it's there whenever you need it, day or night

✨ Have a supportive community of supportive women who understand, and who are on the healing journey with you

"Before I went into Infinite Love I felt caged by thoughts and emotions that I didn’t understand and when I left I felt free." - Abigail, Infinite Love Alumni

Infinite love helps you break the cycle of unavailable love and take your power back so you feel at peace, confident and grounded as a woman

"Infinite Love is healing, uplifting and a confidence-booster. It's a beautiful gift, and an amazing process. Definitely recommended if you're looking for a better version of yourself." - Evani, Infinite Love Alumni

YES! Cheryl, this is what I've been praying for ➡️

Pay In Full (one-time payment)

£1,000 once

Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments

2 payments of £550/month

Payment Plan: 6 x monthly payments

6 payments of £200/month

This course isn't cheap. But it's life-changing.

Infinite Love is for you if:

✅ You are done with dating drama and ready to do what it takes to heal

✅ You are ready to make a significant investment into fixing this problem

✅ You want control of your healing process

✅ You need guidance, support, information and deep transformational coaching - but you don't need to be fixed or rescued

✅ You desire 1:1 time with me and know this will help you to break through and understand where your dating drama came from and how to heal it

✅ You have an intuitive feeling this is your next step - and you trust yourself enough to take the leap and enrol

✅ You're a woman who dates men and/or women.

Infinite Love is not for you if:

❌ You're tired of dating drama, but not truly ready to change it yet

❌ Healing your relationship patterns isn't a priority right now

❌ You are not ready or able to invest at this level yet

❌ You don't want to do the inner work, and want to give responsibility for your journey and results to someone else

❌ You secretly want to be enabled, pacified, fixed or rescued

❌ Men - we love you! While many of the lessons in Infinite Love will help you with relationship patterns - this program is designed for women. (Gentlemen, head to my website and book a call with me. We'll get you the support you need)

What do my alumni say about the support in Infinite Love?

"My clients tell me I'm honest, and I give it to you straight, but also compassionately and kindly. They say I know exactly what to ask to help you get clear on what you need to work on within, and I help you uncover emotional wounds that you don't even know you're carrying."

Infinite Love is an instant-access digital course with 100+ video and audio trainings, plus Private Coaching with me and monthly group coaching throughout 2021

I'm ready!
Give me the 
Infinite Love ➡️

Pay In Full (one-time payment)

£1,000 once

Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments

2 payments of £550/month

Payment Plan: 6 x monthly payments

6 payments of £200/month

Infinite Love Includes:


The full Infinite Love Digital Course which includes:

✨ 100+ instant-access video and audio trainings to help you learn tools for healthy relationships, boundaries and confidence

✨ 10 powerful meditations, healings and activations to connect you to your heart and your soul (your TRUE self... when you connect to the infinite part of you, self love becomes easy)

✨ 1,000's of unique and customized journaling prompts to help you understand what kept you stuck in love, and empower you to move forward and live a life of healthy boundaries, inner confidence, radiance and peace

Value: £1,800

1️⃣🔥 BONUS #1: The opportunity to upgrade to Private Coaching with Cheryl

💫 When you upgrade at checkout, you receive one 90-minute deep-dive transformational private coaching session with me, where I help you kick-start your journey, collapse time, and get to the root of what's keeping you stuck in love

💫 Includes two weeks of private voice note support after our session to help you integrate what you learned and answer any questions as you heal

💫 This is exclusive to Infinite Love: the 90-minute session is not available to book publicly

💫 You will receive the private coaching booking link within 48 hours of enrolling in Infinite Love

2️⃣🔥 BONUS #2: Love Yourself First Digital Course (value: £150)

✨ As a bonus. you receive the Love Yourself First 6-video bundle, leading you through the practical steps to experience genuine self love 

✨ You'll learn how to:
- regulate your emotions
- activate your feminine energy
- navigate family dynamics today
- understand the experience of being the invisible child in your family
- create a morning routine to support your healing and become comfortable with a life of ease and calm

Value: £150

3️⃣🔥 BONUS #3: Free Yourself From Twin Flame Drama Digital Course (value: £150)

Stuck on terms like "twin flames?"

When you enrol in Infinite Love, you also receive my digital course, Free Yourself From Twin Flame Drama.

The course contains 16 powerful meditations, healings & activations to help you clear the karma in your twin flame connection.

It also includes a powerful 45-minute audio training demystifying what a twin flame really is, and debunking common twin flame myths, so you unplug from twin flame lingo and move forward.

Value: £150

£2,000+ of value in coaching and digital courses

I'm in! Give me allllll the Infinite Love, Cheryl ➡️

Pay In Full (one-time payment)

£1,000 once

Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments

2 payments of £550/month

Payment Plan: 6 x monthly payments

6 payments of £200/month

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Alumni Success Story: Evani

  • Before working with Cheryl, I did not trust myself. I had a lot of dating drama. I was attracting a lot of emotionally unavailable men. It was a pattern I had noticed in my life for a long time, but I didn’t know how to break the pattern. I was a mess. But I wanted to get better.

    After working with Cheryl, I feel more confident in who I am and more grounded as a woman. I trust myself. I trust my decisions. I’m living on a higher vibration. A lot more positive things are attracting into my life because I’ve healed a lot of emotional wounds.

    I would describe Cheryl’s work as healing, uplifting and a confidence-booster. I loved the freedom of being in control of my own healing.

    Thank you Cheryl for all the resources you have providing in Infinite Love. I don’t know where I would be without it.

    I’m so glad you took the time out to do the personal work and really help the rest of us out in the world. The world needs you and I’m so glad I found you!

    — Evani

Alumni Success Story: Rachel

  • Cheryl helped me get a better understanding of my twin flame situation, and also myself. It was more than just going over the twin flame connection. It's been truly incredible.

    Cheryl doesn't just help by giving you tips and tools. She also kind of... probes you... and asks you questions you don't always want to hear but you have to get it out of yourself. And that's where the beauty comes from.

    Cheryl knows exactly what to ask to help you process and understand what you need to work on within. I give so many props to Cheryl for what she has done for me. I feel so grateful. I feel empowered. I feel loved... by Infinite Love!

    Thank you, Cheryl.

    — Rachel

Alumni Success Story: Abigail

  • Before I joined Infinite Love, I felt tormented by thoughts surrounding a past partner. I didn’t really understand what everything meant, and why other stuff was churning and coming up in my head over and over again.

    Infinite Love gave me a container to understand what was going on in my mind and in my thoughts and in my heart and my emotions.

    I love Cheryl and the way she works because she’s really honest. She gives it to you straight but she gives it to you kindly and compassionately.

    Before I went into Infinite Love I felt caged by thoughts and emotions that I didn’t understand and when I left I felt free.

    To anyone considering joining Infinite Love, I would definitely recommend it if you’ve got any of those overwhelming, tumultuous feelings, or if you feel like you’re in the same cycle over and over.

    Join and don’t look back because you’ll be putting something back into yourself that will change the trajectory of your life.

    I can’t even describe the amount of peace and clarity that it gave me. And I wasn’t even absorbed in it all the time, but just knowing it was there for when I needed it, that made a huge difference.

    Definitely recommended. Thank you Cheryl.

    — Abigail

Are you ready to stop ruminating over him/her and break free from a lifetime of dating drama?

God YES! I'm BEYOND ready for this ➡️

Pay In Full (one-time payment)

£1,000 once

Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments

2 payments of £550/month

Payment Plan: 6 x monthly payments

6 payments of £200/month

A preview of the Infinite Love lessons:

Welcome To Infinite Love, The Digital Course
Infinite Love: Here's How The Course Works
Audio Trainings *new for 2021*
The Pattern of Non-Action
How To Stop Being "The Supporter"
What The Twin Flame Journey is ACTUALLY About
Weekly Video Trainings
Welcome to Weekly Video Training!
VIDEO 65: Why Love Is Hard (3 reasons) ❤️
VIDEO 64: Review of the last decade 💞🎉⏰📅
VIDEO 63: When You Obsess Over Love at Christmas ❤️🎄🎁
VIDEO 62: What Is 'Integration' in Personal Development? 🤔
VIDEO 61: Are you addicted to personal development? 📚
VIDEO 60: Are "twin flames" helpful to healing? ❤️🔥
VIDEO 59: How To Navigate The (Inner) Seasons 💐☀️🍂⛄️
VIDEO 57: Dating From The Male Perspective
VIDEO 56: How to use conflict to bring you closer to each other ❤️

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Infinite Love a course, or a coaching program?

Infinite Love is a digital course, which also comes with 1 x 45-minute private coaching session with me.

The coaching session will save you YEARS in therapy (my client Elena had this experience:, so you can feel happy and free asap.

When I enrol in Infinite Love, can I ask you questions?

Yes, you have access to me and support throughout your journey. You can ask me questions in the comments section below each video module. You can ask me questions any time, and I'll respond to you within 48 hours.

During our private coaching session, you have face time with me (RARE opportunity! It will fast-track your healing and save you tons of time). After the session, you have 5-days of follow-up support via voice notes - we typically use WhatsApp or Telegram.

How long do I have access to the course for?

Once you've enrolled, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. The course doesn't expire - you always have access.

Private coaching: You can book the private coaching session through my online calendar (we'll send you the link within 48 hours of you enrolling). You can book in for any time when I have availability. The session must be booked and redeemed within 12 months of enrolling in Infinite Love.

I still have a question before I enrol. How can I contact you?

I'm happy to answer your questions. Why don't we hop on Zoom? You can book in here:

What is your refund policy?

The course is non-refundable, however if you enjoy my content on YouTube, IG and podcasts and you apply yourself to the inner work, I can't imagine any other outcome than transformation.

And, if you need a taster of Infinite Love before you enrol, we have free sample lessons - to access the sample lessons, scroll to the top of the page and click '6 free sample lessons.' Sometimes, I will email you to see how you're getting on with the lessons and to see if you have any Q's about the program.

Is this different to just watching videos on your YouTube channel?

God yes. YouTube videos are great - mine are full of information - but they will only take you so far.

Infinite Love guides you through a full process. Video trainings are typically 20 minutes long, and they are instructional, with exclusive, customized journaling prompts.

On YouTube, I share the what and the why... in video trainings, I give you the how.

The video trainings also offer specific, tailor-made journaling prompts to help you move through each issue, whether it's dating drama, family dynamics, codependency, boundaries, or embodying feminine energy.

Additionally, Infinite Love is a private group container - you can ask me questions and get support from me (this is not available on my YouTube or IG).

Finally, you also receive private coaching and group coaching, which is exclusive to those in my paid programs.

Are you ready to break free from painful patterns in love?

I was ready yesterday ➡️

Pay In Full (one-time payment)

£1,000 once

Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments

2 payments of £550/month

Payment Plan: 6 x monthly payments

6 payments of £200/month

About Cheryl:

Cheryl Muir is a Relationship Expert, author and speaker. Cheryl helps women in film, television, media and fandom find love and have healthier, happier relationships.

Through private coaching, in-person groups and media appearances, Cheryl helps women overcome their fear of closeness and develop deeply intimate relationships in every area of their lives, helping them move from chaos and drama and confusion to peace, partnership and lasting love.

Cheryl’s clients typically find love within six to twelve months of working with her privately. Cheryl attributes this to her ability to locate the source of her clients’ relationship troubles, coupled with her coaching style which is compassionate-yet-direct.

Cheryl believes in the healing power of the arts, and is the host of YouTube series around this theme, including Reel Relationships and Relationship Expert Reacts.

Cheryl is a regular guest expert on BBC Radio One’s Life Hacks, and has been featured in Shape Magazine, VICE, Metro and more. She is British-Canadian, and currently based in England’s Lake District region, where she indulges in her penchant for swimming in very cold water.

Finally, she is the creator of #SchoolOfCheryl, an online personal development school with self-study courses to learn vital relationship skills.

Follow Cheryl on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. All details of how to find Cheryl are listed on

Stop waiting. Start living. It's your time:

Eeeek I'm excited!!! ➡️

Pay In Full (one-time payment)

£1,000 once

Payment Plan: 3 x monthly payments

2 payments of £550/month

Payment Plan: 6 x monthly payments

6 payments of £200/month