Goal Alignment 101

Welcome to Goal Alignment 101!

First let's understand what it means to "get into alignment" . Alignment” is the state where you're vibrating at the same frequency as your Inner Being. When I talk about getting into alignment I mean getting on the same page of the goals that you are actually looking to achieve. Many of us have vision boards, journals, and use our imagination that is filled with all of our hopes, wishes and desires. However our mind and words we speak into existence contradict what were looking to accomplish. This course is designed to not only keep you focused with the goals that you're looking to tackle but also set your mindset to the person who is actually manifesting their goals with ease and grace.

Have you stepped into the person that you’re looking to become? Are you spiritually, mentally and physically ready to become that business owner, new manager, or whatever end result you’re looking for?

How’s your self talk?

How many of us say :

I want to start a business

I want a boutique

I want to start a non profit

I want to get that car

I want to move to this state

I want to make this amount of money

But then follow up with:

Yeaaaaaa when I get some money. I’ll be so happy when I get some money. Yeaaaaa if my job would give me a raise

But I just dont have the time

But I’m always just so sleepy


These are all excuses that we make ALSO were getting off this energy that it’s not possible for these things to happen. Don’t contradict yourself. This is why it’s important that we get into position and alignment with the goals that we are setting for ourselves and I’m here to teach you and show you the way.

I’ll give you my story. See I once too thought that money would solve all my problems and that once I received it I would have a happier life. But just by doing this or thinking this way were telling God or the universe that we haven’t received it yet and that we are in the waiting stages . We want to be in the receiving state. The sooner you can understand this concept the further we can go from here. You can have everything you need in life and still not be satisfied. This is why it is critical that you establish peace now and become happier and healthier now.

Within this course we’re going to solidify your goals one by one. I’ll assist in getting your in that lane to where you’re stepping and walking into manifesting your goals.You’ll create action plans for the goals that you’ve set out for yourself and list the resources on how to do so. You’ll be able to identify the missing link between you and your goals! And to be honest I think it’s time!   It’s time to get out of that area of wishful thinking and START CREATING! In this course you’ll find a goal workbook , learn about your SMART goals, create a monthly income goals for yourself and so much more!

What you'll take away:

Healthier mindset

Goal Worksheet

Creating a Clear Vision

Income Worksheets 


Action Plans

Creative Strategies

Divine Alignment ... OF COURSE! 


Personal Testimony Videos and More! 

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Table of Contents

What is Goal Alignment?
Clear Vision
Let's Create!
Action Plans
What Does It Feel Like?
The Finish Line

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