Teaching the Tunnel (FREE COURSE)

This course will detail a strategic plan on how to train an obstacle which is often taken for granted—the tunnel. While most agility trainers can tell you which method they used to train their dog the weave poles, contacts, and jumps, very few can remember or even describe the way they trained the tunnel. 

Haphazard tunnel training can cause three main problems: 

  1. It can create “tunnel suckers;” 
  2. It does not teach our dogs when we want extension or collection when exiting a tunnel; and 
  3. It does not teach our dogs independence in finding the tunnel entry, or where to look for their handler at the exit of the tunnel. 

That last one is becoming more problematic as courses get harder and dogs frequently get sent to the back of C-shaped or S-shaped tunnels.

If your dog is already proficient with the more typical tunnel presentations, such as straight tunnels or C-shaped tunnels, then you can skip ahead to the more advanced lessons. 

Note: This is a free course for those who want to test out the CourseCraft platform and get an idea of the types of assignments I post in regular classes. There is no instructor feedback in this course.

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Table of Contents

Welcome! About This Free Course
1st Steps
2nd Steps
Training the Tunnel with Speed
C-Shaped Tunnels
Backsides of the Tunnel
S-Shaped Tunnels
Switching Leads on Entry
Turns out of a Tunnel
Tech Support
CourseCraft FAQ
YouTube Tutorial (Computer/Laptop)
YouTube Tutorial (iPhone/iPad)
YouTube Tutorial (Android)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! It's a free gift for you.

What agility equipment do I need? And how much space?

At the bare minimum, one 15' tunnel works for the majority of exercises. If your dog is brand new to agility, a short tunnel (3-6' or a chute barrel) is useful. If you have a jump, you can use it for some exercises. If you don't (or your pup is too young), you can have the wrap a wing / cone / garbage can to build speed before entering the tunnel.​

For the final lesson, there are two sequences:

  • one with a tunnel and 4 jumps
  • one with two tunnels and one jump

A small yard (or large room) will be enough space.

Do I need any special technical equipment to access the course?

For accessing the class, any web browser should work for reading the class pages and watching videos.

If you join a paid class, you will need a way to record video and upload it to YouTube.

Why is there no instructor feedback in this course?

My time is limited and I need to prioritize the students in the regular classes, training my own dogs, and keeping my daredevil son alive until he's 18. (The last one is the hardest!)

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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