God’s Word, Will and Ways are absolutely vital for Christians in their spiritual journey. Without them we will not know what to do, where go or how to get there!

This book aims to help new Christians and refresh mature Christians in God’s Word, Will and Ways. “God’s Word, Will and Ways” is set out in a question-and-answer style that seeks to encourage new Christians to discover for themselves from the Word of God; the Power of Salvation that has changed their lives, the Point of Prayer, Worshipping, Witnessing and Bible Study. Also the Purpose of Water Baptism, the Power of the Holy Spirit, their Place in the Church, and their Potential to Overcome Temptation. “God’s Word, Will and Ways” is designed for new Christians to complete on their own or under the nurture of a mature Christian.

You will need a Bible and Notebook with you while doing God's Word Will and Ways. 

If you have questions or comments please put them in the comments box at the end of each lesson and someone will get back to you. 

Big Blessings

Pastor Joe 

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Table of Contents

How to use this course
A New Beginning
A New Birth
A New Life Style
A New Commitment Water Baptism
A New Power Baptist in the Holy Spirit
A New Family
A New Purpose
A New Enemy
A New Armour
A Final Word

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't miss out
It's the best course ever