SALES FUNNELS 101: The art of selling to your customers on all levels..

Are you struggling to generate consistent revenue for your business online? Do you need to make  your marketing make sense? Need to get consistent sales for your e-course business? Chances are, you need a sales funnel. Let me teach you my proven process for building a sales funnel the generates consistent leads and sales for your online business or e-course.

No business is one-size fit all, make your business work for you!

You’re the expert on your topic, but you are not an expert on sales funnels. Online marketing and setting up sales funnels  is something that a lot of entrepreneurs and creatives struggle with. Are you tired of watching influencers online make money, while you struggle to make sales and get more clients?

Now is not the time to give up on your dreams of making more money while and making a positive impact on others by sharing  your knowledge with others.

Having a great product  is just one of the requirements for succeeding as an online business owner.  Another requirement is having a specific process for attracting new clients and enrolling students in your course or coaching program. That process is called a sales funnel, and without one, attracting and retaining new customers on a regular basis is almost impossible.

Lessons Covered in the Course

By enrolling in this course you will learn:

1. Understanding Sales Funnels and terms

2. Warm Lead vs. Cold Leads

3. How to set specific goals for your funnels

4. How to do market research and poll your audience

5. How to identify your target audience and converting your ideal client

6. Creating the "Know, Like, Trust factor"

7. How to develop a freebie campaign that yields results

8. How to get and use testimonials to grow your business

9. How to create product tiers

10. How to identify a sales conversion and a sales funnel

11. How to prompt your customer for the upsell.

12. Make your Freebie and Lead magnet make sense

13. Sample Sales Funnel Templates

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Table of Contents

Sales Funnels 101
Bonus: Mailchimp Landing pages

Frequently Asked Questions

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Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

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Well, I would be sad, and would love to hear your feedback. However, we have a no refund policy on all online courses.

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