In this class on the Mystic Traditions, we will delve deeply into that core of unity expressed by four of the major spiritual paths: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity & Islam. This is not to say that other paths are less important, but simply that these four are most familiar to me. I find incredible joy and love expressed by these ancient spiritual thought systems and by their ancient & contemporary spokespersons. I’m not interested in any of the different forms their practices of the Law requires, but only in the unified content of their deepest spiritual teachings. I am not an expert in, nor do I expound special bias here toward any particular spiritual path or religion, but simply offer the wisdom and deep yearning for Oneness in them all. This is not so much a class of the head, the intellect, as it is meant to be an opening and experiencing of the heart. My intent is not to analyze, compare or contrast the various religions, but rather to give you a taste of the beauty and essence of their expressive diversity and the underlying consistency of human aspirations that began so long ago and still exist today. Please just allow each spiritual path to speak to you on its own – hold no judgment, no preconceived biases, just relax and let your heart be filled.

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Table of Contents

Spiritual Masters of Love
The Hindu Mystics
The Buddhist Mystics
The Sufi Mystics
The Christian Mystics

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It's the best course ever