Take a deeper dive into who you really are. Excavate your own, personal treasure to lead you into greater purpose, direction and joy.

"Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart."  ~Carl Jung

A Note From the Author

I have skills in the game of hide and seek, well at least in the hiding part my skills are unmatched. We all start out when we’re children exposing every inch of our being, from the artwork plastered on the frig to the overly excited and awkward words we blurt out whenever they enter our heads. It never occurs to us as children to filter or censor anything. We enter into the world believing our whole beings are safe with everyone, and everyone is just waiting for us to reveal ourselves.

And then it happens. It might come from a parent, or schoolmates or a well meaning teacher, and we learn that the world may not, in fact, be eagerly awaiting our brilliance. In fact the world may not think we’re brilliant at all. We’re taught manners and beliefs that may or may not ring true with us, and the way we perceive the world through our art work may look ridiculous to another who certainly feels the need to let us know.

And then one day we start to show our picture to someone and then we decide not to. We raise our hand in class and then slowly put it back in our lap where it belongs. We start this game of hiding, slowly, and then it picks up speed and becomes second nature to us.The game becomes especially necessary if you are person who views the world in a much different way than most of the people around you.

And so we have learned the lesson of survival and belonging. Hide yourself. It's like checking a coat when you enter a room, leave certain parts hidden, the parts that are yours alone, until you keep them hidden for so long that you forget altogether that they exist. And then one day you wake up and have absolutely no idea who you are, what you want, or what your purpose is here on this earth. Not only has your authentic self been hidden from the world around you, it is lost to you also. You are lost. Disoriented. When someone asks you what you want, even what you dream about, you stare blankly in their direction as one who has been asleep in a coma and just awakened.

I invite you to journey with us and call your soul out of hiding.

~Mary Wilson, content author 

A Note From the Editor

Now is the time to unearth your personal treasure.  To find the essence of who you are, what lights you up and what you are meant to give yourself to.  We're waiting for you.  The world needs your treasure.  

If you feel a little lost and disoriented in life, maybe it's time to go treasure hunting.  This course will help you know who you are, what you long for and how to get there.  The result?  Greater joy!  Living from a place that truly lights you up and brings more flow into your life.

~Cindy Weaver, editor and course designer

"The core of your true self is never lost. Let go of all the pretending and the becoming you've done just to belong. Curl up with your rawness and come home. You don't have to find yourself, you just have to let yourself in"

~d. antoinette foy

What You Get

  • 13 Guided Lessons led by both Mary Wilson and Cindy Weaver
  • 15 Video Lessons created by the authors of the course
  • Facebook Group to stay connected, ask questions and receive more 'Buried Treasure' content
  • A bunch of joyful, inspirational insight into who you are and how to bring more light and purpose into your life

Let's Go Treasure Hunting!

You Will Need:

  • a really magical journal, a spiral notebook or writing paper kept in a folder
  • your favorite pen
  • colored pencils or crayons-green, blue, red
  • a postcard

Your Investment

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Table of Contents

Part 1 The Dig

This is where you will start digging up the truth about yourself.  But the hunt goes deeper.  With each exercise you'll reflect on why you answered the way you did.  This is crucial.  This step is where the treasure starts to emerge. 

1.   What Do I Want....Really?
2.   Finding Home
3.   Grab the Popcorn!
4.   Reading and Writing
5.   Bon Voyage
6.   If I Had an Hour
7.   Oh, How I Hate Thee
8.   You Couldn't Pay Me to Live There!
9.   When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be...
10.  Dream Those Dollars Away

Part 2 Your Personal Blueprint

1.    Extract your key ideas and words
2.   Become an Architect- create your personal blueprint
3.   Design your Life- use your personal blueprint to design your life

Part 3 Your Treasure

1.  The Postcard
2. True North
3. Final Thoughts

Once we have done the work of excavating our authentic souls, it can feel exhilarating.  For some it will be like stepping out from behind prison bars and onto a snow-capped mountain.  It may be so elating you want to drop to knees and cry.  For others, it may be a reminder of who you are, a confirmation which may renew your vision and keep you on the path you've already begun. 

When we are in this place we are truly ready to board our train and trade in our status as passenger for an engineer's cap.  You are in charge, you are now driving this train to your True North, True North being your own authentic goal and way of living.

Part 1 The Dig
1 What Do I Want...Really?
2 Finding Home
3 Grab the Popcorn
4 Reading and Writing
5 Bon Voyage
6 Things I Love
7 Oh How I Hate Thee
8 You Couldn't Pay Me to Live There!
9 When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be...
10 Dream Those Dollars Away
Part 2 Your Personal Blueprint
Extract Your Jewels
Become an Architect
Part 3 Your Treasure
Treasure Postcard
True North
Final Thoughts

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