Hypnotic: Focus that Wins Battles!

Dear Reader,

Do you tend to find yourself procrastinating a lot when it comes to getting your work done?

Are you suffering from information overload?

Do you sometimes feel distracted and less focused?         

Do you want to get more done while staying focused? 

Naturally, you want to be a success at everything you do. But, it's hard to succeed if you can't even focus. Focus is critical.  It can be the difference between achieving your goals and seeing them slip away.

That's why we're happy to introduce Hypnotic: Focus that Wins Battles!


10 practical & effective lessons that open the way to focus so on point, it seems hypnotic!

10 beautiful Mandela designs just waiting for you to add a touch of your unique signature style and creativity! You'll learn by doing.  With a beautiful coloring page at the end of each lesson you can unleash your creativity and enhance your focus!

**Bonus** A complete audio version of this entire powerful course!

**Bonus**  A quick & convenient list of 77 Ways to Take Action, Stay Focused, and Get Motivated

**Bonus**  Wise words from the experts. 18 Quotes to Nurture Your Focus!

Table of Contents

Lessons to Enhance Battle Winning Focus
LESSON 1: 5 Ways That Lack of Focus Can Sabotage Your Life
LESSON 2: Do I Need Help with Focusing?
LESSON 3: Exercising Your Way to Better Focus
LESSON 4: Some Simple Tricks to Improve Your Focus
LESSON 5: Stop Multitasking and Start Focusing
LESSON 6: Tips for a Distraction-Free Work Environment
LESSON 7: Tips for Staying Focused and Productive
LESSON 8: Top 5 Apps for Improving Your Focus
LESSON 9: Understanding the Science of Focus
LESSON 10: Why Focus is So Important to Your Success
**BONUS**Focus. Motivation. Action. 77 Ways to Take Action, Stay Focused, and Get Motivated (ebook)

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