Chakra Healing Course

The chakras are a map of consciousness that open windows to the Soul and the subconscious mind, that once understood, dramatically change your outlook on life, your wellbeing and your actions to bring positive changes into every area of your life. 

Why This Course?

The Chakra Healing Online Course is a 7-week Life Transforming Programme. If you have the deep desire to live life fully, let go of a mindset that's hindering your growth, understand the connection between manifesting your desires and cultivating your energy consciously, this is for you! Each energy center influences your mood, emotions and behaviour in specific areas of your life and therefore the situations that present themselves to you. When you learn to see life through the lense of the chakras, you can easily identify why things happen, where the root cause of challenges sits and how to release them. When you learn how to balance, charge and release energy from each chakra and consciously create your life through meditation and subtle energy work, life takes on a whole new course!

Chakra work is in-depth transformational work, Soul work, as well as shadow and light work. It's for the warriors of heart that have the inner urge to look deep within, own their short comings and take the necessary action steps to transform challenges into growth and lessons learned into wisdom.

• Week 1: Family, Money, Conditioning

• Week 2: Relationships, Sexuality, Joy

• Week 3: Work, True potential, Willpower, Personal Ego

• Week 4: Love, Self-Love, Community

• Week 5: Expression, Communication, Creativity

• Week 6: Insight, Wisdom, Spiritual Ego

• Week 7: Spiritual Connection, Higher Self, Detachment

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Table of Contents

How To Use This Course
General Info
Module 1
Root Chakra Info
Root Chakra Mantras & Mudras
Root Chakra Mindset Manifestation
Root Chakra Meditation
*Root Chakra Self-Care Rituals
*Root Chakra Crystals & Essential Oils
Module 2
Sacral Chakra Info
Sacral Chakra Mantras & Mudras
Sacral Chakra Mindset Manifestation
Sacral Chakra Meditation
*Sacral Chakra Self-Care Rituals
*Sacral Chakra Crystals & Essential Oils
Module 3
Solarplexus Chakra Info
Solarplexus Chakra Mantras & Mudras

What's Included

The course contains energy work, mindset manifestation work, extensive yoga philosophy on the subject, guided and active meditations, as well as additional healing tools and rituals to awaken, balance and harmonize each chakra, which can be used for yourself or even shared with friends and family or as an enhancement for your work with clients in yoga, meditation, massage or healing. Included are weekly:

• Mindset Manifestation

• Mantras & Mudras

• Meditation

• Crystal & Essential Oil Therapy

•  Rituals

• Chakra Information on Energy Levels, Physical Effects, Imbalances, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy and more

• Facebok Group for regular Support and Q&A

Plus at the end of the 7 Weeks you'll receive 2 more bonuses, which are an integral part of my workshops:

• 7 Chakra Souljourney

• Kundalini Awakening Breath

• Clearing of Past Life Chakra Vows

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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About Anna Sofia

I´'ve been working with the chakras and kundalini energy for more then 10 years, being on a yoga, meditation and energy healing path for more then 17 years altogether. In this time I had the opportunity to learn from the chakras from many different angles, in many different countries, from many different teachers and sages, though primarily in India. Everything started with yoga, but eventually took me through the whole chakra ladder, from the physical to the energetic body, and on a personal path of healing and learning through bodywork and energy work, becoming a Reiki Master, diving into Tantra, Shamanism, Hinduism and Buddhism and extended periods of Meditation in the Himalayas.

Since then I´'ve explored human and universal energy in private coachings, healing sessions, bodywork, yoga, meditation workshops and retreats with people from all over the world.

I usually teach these practices live, but since many people in the workshops asked my about the techniques I teach to repeat them at home, I decided to make the resources available online too. In this way, you also have more time for integration for each chakra and you repeat whenever and as often as you want.