Out of Body Experience Three Day Course

Hi, I'm Jason Augustus Newcomb. I teach people to change their lives through expanded consciousness.

I know you want to have an out of body experience (OOBE), to travel on the astral planes and explore the universe. How would you like to do this the first night of an out of body course?

Sound crazy? Well, keep reading.

I know many people say it takes weeks, months, or even years to succeed with true out of body experiences, but this just simply isn't so. Modern techniques, understandings and practical secrets can yield almost instant results. You might have an out of body experience in just one day in this course.

Perhaps you have had an out of body experience or a lucid dream spontaneously and want to know if you can do it intentionally. Yes you can! Maybe you have had a few, and would like more. You can have them whenever you want!

The course is taught live over the course of three consecutive days.

DAY 1 (preferably on a Friday) - INDUCTION

DAY 2 (the next morning) - REVIEW AND NEXT STEPS


You can watch these videos over the course of any three days. This is a set of revolutionary techniques and a paradigm that will give you an out of body experience within just a few days. Your results are guaranteed as long as you follow the instructions.

Believe me, many people have an out of body experience the very same day they receive these teachings, so if you order this now you might very easily be having an out of body experience on the first night!

This is an incredibly potent and revolutionary teaching that will give you the out of body experiences you want. You can have these experiences at will.

As a bonus you will also receive instant access to MP3s of a longer, earlier run of this course.

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It's the best course ever

My own training has been in the perennial wisdom traditions through private teachers and secret organizations. I have distilled much of what I've learned and published (that which I was allowed to publish) several books. I am the author of numerous successful esoteric and metaphysical books including The New HermeticsThe Book of Magick Power and 21st Century Mage. My books are some of the most practically oriented metaphysical books you will ever purchase. But I haven't published everything I know. Not by a long shot.

What I will be teaching you is not something that can be found in my books or anyone else's. you will be receiving a powerful set of tools and guided through using them in a new way that will enable you to take control of your consciousness. You will be amazed when you acheive success so quickly!

Yes! You really can:

* Fly free over the earth and through space

* Discover secrets

* Meet astral lovers

* Travel through walls and even deep into the Earth

* Transform into an animal

* Experience literally anything you can imagine

* Experience absolute freedom and power!

You have the power. Claim it by registering for this one-of-a-kind webinar right now!

This is your opportunity to learn directly from one of the world's leading experts in consciousness studies and practical metaphysics. I have taught people all over the world but you now have the opportunity to work with me personally in this intimate live webinar.

This is an opportunity that you must grab while you can. Your life will be transformed with sheer exhilaration and wonder. You will be amazed and delighted!

Out of Body exploration is an amazing experience, and a critical part of many of the world's spiritual traditions. It has often been central in spiritual and magical practice, and considered miraculous in most of the world's great religions.

But now in the 21st century it is more fully understood than ever before, and methods are available that deliver consistent and powerful results almost instantly. They are safe and simple.

I know that you are fascinated with this phenomenon! You could literally be having an out of body experience any time you choose if you sign up for this course right now.

That is no exaggeration. Over ninety percent of people achieve results within a week using these techniques, and everybody who follows the directions properly does so almost immediately. The majority of people succeed within two days.

It is usually a truly astounding and life changing experience that confirms that there is more to our experience than the scientific materialist viewpoint describes. The out of body experience has often been described as difficult to achieve and sometimes even dangerous. This is completely inaccurate. It is a natural state and achievable quite easily, if you know exactly how to do it.

You must have the key in order to open the door.

If you have never had an out of body experience, but have always wanted to have one, this is the class for you because you will have an out of body experience within a few days, rather than after weeks or months of practice.

If you have had an out of body experience once or twice but you do not know how to have experiences by choice this is the class for you, because you will learn the precise methodolgies that will make it possible for you to have OOBEs immediately.

If you have had quite a few out of body experiences but find them difficult to achieve consistently this is the class for you.

If you are sure you are ready to open up a whole new experience of reality for yourself, register now. This is an experience that few have had other than sages, masters, mystics and sorcerers. It is a world filled with beauty, wisdom and wonder.

If you don't register now I want you to keep thinking about this and as you are walking around in the world and I want you to begin to wonder what it would be like to fly through the world in an out of body state. When you are ready, come back. When you lay down to sleep tonight I want you to think about this course, and all the possibilities that it will open up for you.

When you are ready, register. But be sure to do it before the class goes up to full price!

Night 1
Night 1 - Induction
Day 2
Day 2 - Review
Day 3
Day 3 - Review and Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 10 days to get a full refund.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Don't miss out
It's the best course ever