What is My Stage of Development? Step-by-Step on the Path to Wisdom

The goal of this course is to help you locate your current stage of ego development - also known as identity development. We will review each of the stages in great detail and then provide you with the tools to help assess yourself. This will include lectures and verbal instruction as well as a short online test. There will be an additional lecture aimed to suggest next steps in your personal growth. The course run-time is approximately 3 hours. 

There is a free introductory lecture. 

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Table of Contents

What Is My Stage of Development? Step-by-Step on the Path to Wisdom
Lecture 1: Setting the Stage for Stages
Lecture 2: Key Distinctions in Thinking About Stages
Lecture 3: Reviewing the Stages of Identity: Part I
Lecture 4: Reviewing the Stages of Identity: Part II
Lecture 5: Assessing Your Stage of Development
Online Stage Self-Assessment Quiz
Lecture 6: Practices and Intentions for Your Stage
Participant Satisfaction Survey
Optional Readings/Academic Background

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