Heal your Relationship with your Body and Shame

Are you ready to experience:

Peace with your Body

Radiant Confidence

Shameless Self-Acceptance

And Sexual Empowerment

Starting Right After the Holidays on January 3!

Are you stuck feeling like you are in a battle you are not equipped to win with food, exercise and your body? It's DRAINING as all hell to feel like YOU are the problem when you don't know how to fix it. 

Are you tired of not feeling sexy and confident and know deep down that it's not a new body you need, it's a new way of BEING? 

Do you dream of openly expressing yourself, your deepest desires, sexually and in LIFE without fear of judgement or being shut down? 

What if you're NOT the problem after all? What if you just received shitty programming and you don't know how to reboot with a better operating system? (seems kinda simplified, but it's pretty much spot on)


Shamelessly is a 7-week group deep-dive healing journey to release shame surrounding your body, sex, desire, food, confidence (and SO much more) to help you shine without shrinking UNAPOLOGETICALLY because you have felt unsure of your worth for long enough! 

Together we are creating healing through the Chakras with everything tying into the Sacral and releasing shame. 

Shamelessly is Intentional EMBODIMENT in Action

Shameless Embodiment feels like this to me!

Embodiment doesn't have to look the same on everyone! I am open with my body and sexual experiences, that is what MY liberation feels like. It's okay is your freedom stays personal.

What Does This Experience Look like?

This 7 week journey has been gifted to me to help you experience mindful unabashed EMBODIMENT. We will connect the healing through the chakras and physical body with powerful energy work, dance and many other tools including a secret private FB group!

Week 1: Connection, Safety and Boundaries

We are diving deep in this program, feeling connected to those in the group will let us all go deeper.  This week will create a safe energetic container for your important body/soul work.  

The goal of week 1 is to help create the foundation bonds needed for unfurling! We will have an open call to get to know each other a bit, do our first group healing and get your first assignments in the program. This connection piece is pivotal and I can't wait to feel the energy!

Week 2: Root Reclamation, Body Image and Tribe

We will be dropping into the ways need for acceptance fucks with your potential and how to unplug from BS beliefs about food, exercise, body image and judge-y relationships to feel better NOW. 

Also, DANCE!!! (Don't worry, we won't watch you)

Week 3: Sacral Release, Shame and Sex

OOOOH this is the money, no, for reals though, the sacral chakra is the house of creative energy, sex, shame, AND money. This is JUICY, raw and holds infinite potential for shift. Who would you be if you could write your own story? And the really good question, who would you be if you weren't scared to BE that person? Let's find out shall we? 

And more dance!

Week 4: Solar Plexus Activation, Personal Power and OWNING You!

Do you feel like you operate at 10% function most of the time? That's a weak power center my friend and it can be rebooted! It's time for a rebirth and claiming your own damn power! No one can do it for you but if you could do it alone wouldn't you have done it by now? Release the past, shift out of worry and get into NOW.

Week 5: Heart of the Matter, Forgiveness and Sacred Mirrors

Honest look at how pain can heal us or hold us back and how to be at peace even when shit is crazy. Open Heart Meditation and more dance! And a look at why loving YOU has been evading you.

Week 6: Throaty Storytelling, Honesty and Intention 

How the stories we tell create our lives, the power we have to change it all and how integrity and intention call in your next chapter and how to actively influence it! Ever wish you had a magic wand? this is the next best thing.

Week 7: Beyond Your Body, the 3rd Eye, Crown and Source

Who are you without your body? How to get direction for yourself. Trusting your body and yourself beyond this experience and what you can do to keep the mojo going and your body/mind/soul healing.

Special Offer, If a friend signs up with you the course is $444 for BOTH of you! That's an additional $111 off each! PM me for your special coupon codes

Let's GO!
This was made for you!

Shameless Embodiment is Life Changing

You have been looking for approval your whole life, even in subtle ways... what if YOU are the permission you need? 

You are so tired of running from your body/self and feeling like if you ever faced yourself all you would see/feel is disappointed, 

I relate so hard to this and you don't have to live like that anymore!

Being embodied gives you freedom to be all of you AND aligns you with people who can TRULY appreciate the fullness of your truths!

You Are Worthy
I am Here for YOU

And if you want to share the experience, you'll both save $111


Vibration Raising Toolkit

My Recorded Meditations/Healings

Facebook Group Support System

Unlimited Access to Course Materials Indefinitely! 


Sign up by Nov 27th for a FREE 30 minute 1-1 deep dive to use at any time during the course!

Who am I Anyway?

If this is hitting home for you that's because I know this pain well, I spent my life running, disconnected from my body and SO much of myself. I felt like I had to pretend I wasn't a goofy ass unicorn hippy powerhouse... I created a watered down version of me because I knew I was too much for people (and also somehow not enough... go figure). 

Then one day I stopped running.

I discovered that the too much/not enough thing was TOTAL bulshit and discovered a confident, powerful, sexy, hilarious and freaking adorable woman within and damn, could she ROAR. 

Basically, I am here sharing my heart, journey and "magic" because I was you and I needed help too. 

I am Amber Brio, a Sex and Body Positivity Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer and I went through the trenches ahead of time so I can guide YOU through!

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Saying Yes to You
Creates Possibility!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the cataloged course material once it's available for as long as you need. So you can savor it long after the course wraps up!

I've never done energy work, can you see my deepest secrets or do weird things?

Nope, well I am kinda weird but energy work with me is safe and I only get info that I need to help based on what you are ready for based on you.

Am I going to need to share nudity or sex stories with the group?

Only if you want to and feel good about it. Consent matters always!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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