Whether it's starting the New Year with new intentions or revising existing goals, creating a vision board is a great way to gain clarity and get in touch with your soul dreams.

In this program you will incorporate mixed media, collage and found objects to create your Wall Hanging Vision Board and/or Vision Prayer Flags. 

What makes this form of vision board unique, is that you are able to add panels to it throughout the year or you can create multiple hanging vision boards or flags for each topic. Once completed, this vision board or flags are easy to hang any where in your home, studio or sacred space. The perfect visual reminder to reflect on throughout the year.

I have designed this program to help you get connected to your soul dreams, goals or intentions. Included along with step-by-step videos, is a Guided Visualization Audio and Worksheets with written exercises. These additional items are intended to make your Wall Hanging Vision Board or Vision Prayer Flags more meaningful and personal. And you can do this program in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Start Setting Your Goals & Intentions Today!

Table of Contents

Wall Hanging Vision Board
Guide Visualization
Soul Dreams Written Exercises
Build Your Hanging Vision Board
Adding Text & Found Objects
Attaching Your Vision Boards Together
Vision Prayer Flags
Building Your Prayer Flags
Adding Images & Text
Found Objects & Prep for Hanging

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior art experience to do this course?

No. Because this course is geared towards the beginner artist, you can jump right in with little or no prior art experience.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does Forever sound? Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have lifetime access to the course material for as long as you need. This way you have the freedom to do the course at your own pace.

What is included in this course?

This course includes over 1 hr. 45 minutes of instructional video with Lisa, a downloadable PDF of written exercises, page of words & phrases. Also included is a guided visualization audio narrated by Lisa to help get you connected to your dreams, goals or intentions.

How does this course work?

Each instructional video is designed for you to easily follow along. Don't be afraid to hit the pause button if you need more time to catch up or to just grab a cup of coffee! Because this program builds upon each section, I've designed this course to be followed sequentially (Guided Visualization, Written Exercises, Gather collage material and then building your Wall Hanging Vision Board and/or Vision Prayer Flags). I highly recommend doing each section in order versus skipping around.

Can I do this course on my phone or tablet?

In order to view the details covered in the videos as well as have continuous streaming I would recommend doing the course either on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at I'll try my best to respond in a timely fashion, so please be patient.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

It's important to me that you have a positive experience when it comes to your creativity. If you're really unhappy with the course, email me within 30 days of enrollment to get a full refund.

Envision Your Soul Dreams Today!