Are you tired of the conventional wisdom that says that you have to spend a lot of money to travel the world? Do you want to learn how two well-traveled vagabonds have managed to do it for decades, as well as the travel-cheap insights they have accumulated over many years of gallivanting the globe?

There are many travel resources and guidebooks out there that tell you how to travel on the cheap, how to save money, how to get the best airfares. We have read and used many of them, and there are lots of good ones around. How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!) is different in that in this course, global nomad Shelley Seale shares her own personal resources and experiences to show ways in which you can travel not just cheaply, but for free – or pretty close to it.

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Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a round-the-world journey, Shelley lets you in on her methods and secrets for how to:

  • Stay in a fully-furnished house or apartment in locations around the world, for days or weeks (even months!) at a time, absolutely free.
  • Utilize airlines’ frequent flyer programs to the maximum advantage, to earn free tickets very quickly, for domestic and international travel.
  • Uncover more unconventional and local means of travel in different countries, that will allow you to travel far more cheaply than conventional methods.
  • Find the best, most reputable, and often difficult-to-locate opportunities for working and volunteering your way around the world.
  • Learn to access the many hospitality and travel exchange programs that allow you to not only visit international locations cheaply or for free, but to interact and make friends with people in a true cultural exchange.
  • Get creative about the endless ways you can travel for free, from bartering, reviewing products or caretaking to combining job training or educational opportunities with personal travel.
  • The most complete guide to budget travel I’ve ever seen, How to Travel for Free explores the many ways that you can reduce your travel costs to, yes, even free. I’ve not seen such a thorough guide to traveling inexpensively, and it is backed up by a plethora of personal experiences. From transportation to housing, How to Travel for Free covers it all – from the experts. I highly recommend it – I’ve traveled for years and years, and still learned quite a bit.

    — Dr. Jessie Voigts, Wandering Educators
  • Shelley Seale and Keith Hajovsky have, between them, traveled a good chunk of the world. From regular vacations to two-year sabbaticals, they’ve found a number of ways to travel for very little money. And their e-book How to Travel for Free (Or Pretty Damn Near It) is a massive collection of resources and experiential advice – for both people interested in reducing vacation expenses, as well as those looking to make travel a more permanent installation in their lives.

    — Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo
  • Who doesn’t want to learn how to travel more for less money? You’ll find tips, links, illustrations, even spaces for your notes. It’s packed with stuff I should have known, but didn’t. You’ll be presented with surprising ways of getting around, not just planes and trains, but bicycling and ferry boats, even hitchhiking. This isn’t just for tourist-minded explorers, as Seale has included a helpful section about working abroad. Her writing style makes you want to discover more.

    — Roberta Beach Jacobson,

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  • Seale, a freelance travel writer, recognizes that there are many guides offering advice for traveling on the cheap; hers tells you how to travel not only cheaply, but free or close to it, based largely on personal experience. Seale makes a couple of important points, such as: There is an inverse correlation between the amount of time you spend researching, planning, and taking a trip and the amount of money you’ll spend, and the longer your trip, the less expensive it becomes. [It] covers in detail how to travel cheaply by airplane, train, rental car, ride sharing, bus, boat, ferry, bicycle, walking and even hitchhiking. It also gives an overview and description of all the different types of lodging—and, for those that typically involve a charge, ways to stay in them for cheap or free. Finally, Seale covers the issue of getting the time to travel.

    — Melissa Gaskill, American Society of Journalists & Authors, ASJA Monthly
  • Shelley Seale and Keith Hajovsky have created a gem for travelers! How to Travel for Free (or pretty damn near it!) is a must have for every traveler, from budget to luxury, because no matter how you travel, it is a great resource. Photos compliment the text and the personal stories shared by both Shelley and Keith enhance your learning and enjoyment. Even for someone who has traveled extensively, it has great discussions on the various segments of travel and pros and cons of each.

    — Jane Stanfield, Author of Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation
  • It is chock full of great ideas for traveling on a limited amount of money. Most people think that extended travel is expensive, but these two authors have done an excellent job of illustrating how to travel for close to free. Their research is extensive and thorough and based on their own experiences as well as experiences of other travellers. I love how well organized it is, and as a result it is very easy to read and to use. It will expand your mind and how you approach traveling. There are so many good and creative ideas as well as many practical tips. Five stars!”

    — Peta Kaplan,

Why this course?

People ask Keith and I, all the time, how do we do it? They are admiring, envious, impressed and mystified. They sigh and say, “I wish I could afford to go to South America or Europe or Asia.” But the truth is, most of the people who say this have far more financial means than we do. They could do exactly what we do, – from a long weekend on the beach to months exploring the ruins of Asia or South America – if only they knew how. And so can you.

By far the overwhelming consensus out there is that to travel extensively you have to be rich. Believe me, I am far from it! In How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!) I will discuss various ways to help you think outside the box when it comes to how to approach travel for yourself. I will go into detail on each specific concept and method, and show you, step by step, exactly how we do it.

Some of the general concepts covered are:

  • Why it is absolutely not necessary to have lots of money to travel well.
  • How you can actually save money by traveling for longer periods of time.
  • Methods for integrating your current life and work into ways to travel more.
  • The wide range of transportation and accommodation choices, some of which you may not have even thought of.
  • Creative ways to travel that can seriously help you stretch your budget.

This course came directly from my own personal experiences traveling frequently, all over the world, for the same amount of money – or less — than I would have spent by staying home. In this course I will show you exactly how we do it, along with additional resources we have picked up from fellow travelers, friends, travel writers, and the hundreds of travel books, magazines and websites we’ve read or written for. 

I will also, of course, answer questions and help you brainstorm and plan your own travel experiences, without spending a lot of money!

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About your Instructor, Shelley

I'm a professional writer, wanderer and wanna-be super hero. Besides my number-one passion, travel, I love dogs, yoga, indie movies, wine, and books (though not necessarily in that order). I've performed a catch on the flying trapeze, boarded down a live volcano and was once robbed by a monkey in India. But, I don't know how to whistle.

A good deal of my writing career has been travel writing. I've written for National Geographic, USA Today, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Texas Monthly, Fodor's Travel, IHG Hotels Group, Shermans Travel, Travel + Escape, and many more.

While I won’t claim to have seen the entire world (according to TripAdvisor, I've visited nearly 40% of the globe), I've traveled extensively around our little planet over the past three decades, both with and without my partner, Keith, who co-wrote the initial How to Travel for Free book with me, that this course is based on. 

Over that time we have both discovered that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to see the world. In fact, we often travel to exotic places for very, very close to free. And the more we’ve traveled, the less we’ve spent.

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Just enter your email address below and you'll get a link for the 30-minute Introduction lesson, so you can check it out before you enroll! You can also check out the first Introduction lesson within the course for free.

  • Traveling for free is gonna take some time spent. But that’s actually part of what makes this kind of travel more worthwhile – and memorable. (Shelley and Keith) point out that international airfare is really the biggest expense (one you can work your way around with frequent flyer miles, signing up with cheap airline websites, or checking out air consolidators, which I had never heard of before), and once you’re in a place, there’s crazy amounts of ways to live on the cheap. The book covers the ins and outs of planes, trains, and automobiles – and the powerful free triumvirate of rideshares, walking, and hitchhiking – and where and when to do what. Shelley and Keith also give tips on accommodations beyond the normal hotels, vacation rentals, and even hostels. With a section on creative ways to travel – such as bartering (or bartending) your way around the world, lots of great little worksheets, and tons of resources, I’m definitely referencing this when I start to plan my next big adventure.

    — Christine Garvin, Living Holistically
  • Super thorough with tons of information and real-world resources. Also incredibly inspiring….makes me want to hit the road this afternoon!

    — Angie Rose, On the Road with the Roses
  • I’ve spent the last 3 years traveling through 38 countries…I don’t know of a better resource than this for short-term or long-term travelers alike. It’s packed with lots of practical tips and tricks that even veteran travelers may not know about. A “must read” for anyone who’s planning a trip!

    — John Langford, John Langford Photography

Using the exact methods that we will cover in this course, I have:

  • Stayed in a studio apartment in Barcelona for a month, completely for free.
  • Taken a two-week vacation to Hawaii for the cost of airline tax, using frequent flyer miles for the tickets and staying in a two-bedroom duplex for free — TWICE!
  • Traveled around Asia for months at a time, on surprisingly little money – less than half the cost of living at home.
  • Spent nearly a month on the Upper West Side of New York City in a free two-bedroom apartment, and using dirt-cheap air tickets to get there.
  • Stayed for free in Ireland, Portugal, Mexico, Central America, Asia, and throughout the United States — combining it with nearly-free flights using airline points that we hacked. This method REALLY makes a difference when I've traveled to expensive places like Australia, France, Denmark, Norway, Italy, etc. Staying and flying for pretty much free enabled me to actually be able to afford to go to those places!

If you simply use one method that I cover in the course — telling you exactly how to do it — to get one free plane ticket or one free stay in accommodations for your next vacation — you will have more than paid for this course and community membership.

If you or someone you know wants to learn how to see and experience the world without the need to have or to spend large amounts of money like so many in the travel industry will have you believe, then sign up for this course, and start your own personal journey toward your dreams of independent travel freedom!

  • I love the tone of this, both encouraging and practical. The authors are determined to show that money is not a prerequisite for travel – time, organization, and a bit of daring are really all you need. How to Travel for Free is also chock full of useful information. The section of frequent flier miles has many useful tips that I plan to implement immediately. I also found the section on home exchanges inspiring and intend to give it a try in the immediate future. Are you interested in taking longer and better trips for less money? Then this is for you.”

    — Mara Gorman, The Mother of all Trips
  • I love the concept and think you did a really great job of making it a useful guide with good examples and suggestions on how readers can incorporate your recommendations. I made some notes on alternatives we could do to keep the costs down and still go. Thanks for helping a fairly seasoned traveler!”

    — Casey Wohl, The Getaway Girl
  • On my journeys, I have acquired a lot of knowledge, skills & experience, but I am always looking for more & better ways to see the world. This had so much new information for me that I felt like a novice traveler again. Shelley & Keith shared a lot of things I never even thought about before! I appreciate how they share both the good & the ‘what to watch out for’ in different situations. From now on whenever someone says to me, ‘I don’t have enough money to travel,’ I will tell them, ‘I have the perfect thing for you!’ I would highly recommend this to my friends who love to travel.

    — Barb Hautanen, Editor & Volunteer

Table of Contents

LESSON 1: Before you go — cheap travel basics
LESSON 2.1: Frequent Flyer Hacking
LESSON 2.2: Credit Card Churning for Miles
LESSON 2.3: Finding the Best Airfares & Low-Cost Airlines
Bonus Resource: Air Travel Checklist
LESSON 2.4: Train Travel
LESSON 2.5: Cars & Ridesharing
LESSON 2.6: Traveling by Bus or Boat
LESSON 2.7: On Two Wheels — Bicycling
LESSON 2.8: Walking & Hitchhiking
Bonus Resource: Checklist of Documents to Take on your Trip
LESSON 3.1: Home Exchange
LESSON 3.2: House Sitting & Caretaker Services
LESSON 3.3: Homestays, Couch Surfing & Hospitality Exchange

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