What is the S3Model Translator?

S3Model Translator is your bridge from flat data to machine processable, semantically rich multi-model information.

S3Model Translator is a tool to translate simple CSV formatted data files into computable, semantically enhanced knowledge representations.

As a foundation for automated knowledge base construction; it provides a path for existing data sets to be used in conjunction with the emerging graph data, model first approach in analysis, general artificial intelligence (AGI), and decision support systems.

This approach opens the door for the change to a data-centric world as opposed to the application-centric one we have now. This new approach enables automatic interoperability avoiding the data quality issues created through data migration, cleaning and massaging.

The importance of how this simplifies query and analysis capabilities and improves data quality is located in the foundational S3Model documentation and references. However, a detailed understanding of S3Model is not required to understand and use the power of Kunteksto.

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Data Quality
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S3Model Translator is available now; for free. Just visit the documentation and install it today.

The installation and basic tutorial are required before starting this course.

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Learn to transform and send your flat data to any one of a number of graph, document or multi-model databases with enhanced semantics.

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