S3Model is The Esperanto of Information Management.

This free course is an introduction to the Shareable, Structured, Semantic Model (S3Model) reference model and specifications.

You will use the Python implementation and Jupyter notebooks in a hands-on, step-by-step walk-through building simple examples.


What is S3Model?

The Problem

Current approaches to data modeling and processing does not allow for machine processable context to be associated with data in order to supply Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) algorithms with enough computable information.

The Solution

  • S3Model provides a means to add context to data in both a machine processable and human-readable manner.
  • S3Model provides a consistent data structure to ease query processing across multiple domains of information.
  • S3Model provides a consistent approach to go from document/tree structured data to Linked Data without loss of contextual fidelity.
  • S3Model is provided under a business friendly open source license.

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Table of Contents

Extended Datatypes
Extended Datatypes

Frequently Asked Questions

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