Musically Montessori: "Let's All Sing" 15 Favorite Songs & Activities

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"Let's All Sing" 

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"We're Going on a Lion Hunt"

This repetitive rhyme is fun for Preschoolers and doesn't require a perfectly tuned singing voice. Great for "first days" and great for "warming up" the group!

~Learn the words easily and quickly with my simple little recording

~Engage the children with fun actions and funny animal sounds

~Create stick puppets, vocabulary card games, and individualized "Rebus Story" projects to enhance learning in fun ways

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Create a week, or an entire month of musical fun at your Daily Circle

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Table of Contents

1. Head and Shoulders, Baby 1-2-3
2. "Wee Willie Winkie"
3. "Tide-o"
4. No More Pie
5. Hey Ho and Away We Go
6. Post Person
7. Air, Land and Water
8. I Am a Tall, Tall Tree
9. The Plant Starts with the Seed
10. The Planets Song
11. The Continents Song
12. Rain Forest Rainbow Song
13. Penguin, Penguin
14. Wombat Stew

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