Soulhealing through the wisdom of flowers

Welcome so much to this flower-spirit-course! I hope and wish that you are ready to join me on this sacred and soulful healing journey into the magical flower-kingdom to meet the spirits of flowers. They have so much wisdom to share to everybody that want to listen and who want to let them into their hearts and souls. They are wonderful teachers back to ourselves, each other and to reconnect to our beautiful Mother Earth and our magical Universe. 

"When we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth, 

and when we heal the Earth we heal ourselves. 

The best way we can heal ourselves and the Earth 

is to reconnect to ourselves and do the work!"

(David Orr)

So happy you are here!

If you want to join this course, please contact me at :-)

Table of Contents - Modul 1: Awakening

There will be 10 lessons sent by mail to you. 9 of these lessons have each one flower- wisdom to work with. This course is module 1: "Awakening". You can use it as a stand alone course, or you can choose to go ahead and take the other modules with new flowers and flower-wisdoms after finishing module 1. If you choose to take all the modules in this series, finish an final assignment and passes, you will get a diploma as a Sacred Flower Spirit Medicine Keeper.

How to work with this course
Community of love (BONUS)
Message from Cacao flower Spirit (BONUS)
Important note before you begin!
White Lotus (Hvit vannlilje) Wisdom
Arctic Starflower (Skogsstjerne) Wisdom
Iris Wisdom
Lupinus (Lupin) Wisdom
Fireweed (Geitrams) Wisdom
Geranium Orion (Storkenebb) Wisdom
Calendula (Ringblomst) Wisdom
Common Primrose (Primula) Wisdom
Red/white Hellebore (Julerose) Wisdom

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take me to finish this course?

Working with plants, flowers, nature and Spirit-world is a lifelong school that reveal new wisdom and secrets to you every day! So in that case this course takes "for ever" to finish. There is really no finish-line in Spirit-realm. But I have chosen to make this course over 10 weeks, where there will be a specific flower-spirit to work with over 9 of those weeks. You dont have to finish the course in 10 weeks. You can do it in your own pace. You will have access to the course for at least one year, and you can print it or download it.

Do I get any diploma/certificate after taking this course?

You can do this course in two ways; 1) Either completely by yourself and in your own pace. 2) Or you can choose to work towards a diploma. To do this you must complete all the lessons in this course with answering all the questions to yourself in writing . 4 weeks after the course is finished, when you have taken some time to integrate the wisdom and healing, you can send me an email that you are ready for taking your diploma. I will then mail you some questions (should not be difficult if you have followed the lessons step by step and done your homework:-)) In order for you to get the diploma you need to reflect upon and answer these questions within 2 weeks and mail me your answers. After I read through your answers, you will get your diploma.

Is the course refundable?

No, I am sorry, it is not. Because this is digital content, I cannot offer a refund. I believe if your intuition and search brought you here, the course is for you. And that there will be something for everybody to take away from this course as long as you believe in plant-spirits, healing and Earth-wisdom or if you have a childlike and curious open heart.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding signing up for this course! Send me an email at

If you want to enroll in this course, please contact me at :-)

What is included in the course-fee?

Every week you get an email-lesson with:

1) a beautiful digital picture of the flower to get to know the flower and to meditate with, 

2) a recorded meditation/healing of the flower read by me with a duration from about 2-6 minutes, depending on the flowers message, 

3) the written script for the same meditation for you to read for yourself, 

4) questions, so you can work with the flowers messages and yourself through the week, 

5) an affirmation and a practical assignment to do during the week, 

6) a diploma/certificate mailed to you after the course, if you choose to do a written assignment to send me after finishing all of the lessons. You have to pass this assignment to get your diploma.

7) You can also use the comment-section in the weekly wisdom to ask questions if you feel stuck or dont understand some of the lessons.