Welcome, friends and travelers.


" I know I hung on that windswept tree,

Swung there for nine long nights,

wounded by my own blade,

Bloodied for Odin,

Myself an offering to myself.

Bound to the tree,

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Welcome, Come In.

You've arrived at a very unique opportunity. If you've been wandering in the internet wilderness looking for some sustenance for the soul, you've found a safe haven here. Sit and warm your hands by the fires of wisdom as we weave words that stir a deep knowing within you. You're always welcome to feast on the rich sounds of each rune as we tone them, and come to know them, and then claim them as our own. 

Where we're headed

We will be giving you all the tools you need to go get the runes, but...ultimately you must retrieve them yourself. We'll lead you by the hand through every step, and all you must do is reach out. You'll be contacting hidden planes of ancestral connections and drawing these wisdom teachings into your personal life. 

This course includes: 

Guided Meditation Audio Recordings 

Live Wisdom Teachings and Lore

Instructional on the 9 Staves Divination Technique

Private Facebook Group

Bindrune Sigil Magick 

Your Guide:

Emily Ra aka Emakhet is a trained Oracle and legal Minister.  She serves  and teaches both locally in Portland, OR and internationally through her online mystery school. She recently completed her training with Runemeister Armadel, and is given permission to share this introductory course within his lineage. 



Because the runes are sometimes associated with white supremacy, we deems it of upmost important to activate these runes in a way that fully supports diversity, progressive ethics and inclusiveness. 

All people are welcome! 

This is not a platform for hate speech or ideology! 

Guided Journeywork to the Circle of Stones

There will be a weekly guided meditation on each rune to attune to it's energies. We'll make contact with the hidden forces to access the stored wisdom of the runes. 

In vision we'll travel to an established astral temple for initiation. We'll be using our inner vision to access the deeper levels of the psyche. By meditating on the runes, shape and lore, we'll establish connections to the runes by holding the runes shape and form in our minds and focusing on it.

By contacting the deep ancient collective memory of the runes, we are building a bridge between the lost ways of our ancestors and the modern world.

Learn the 9 Staves Divination Method

After studying many methods of runic divination, Armadel developed his own unique method of called 'Nine Staves Divination'. In this course, you'll learn how to gather staves of wood or bone and drop them within the rune wheel for oracular insights. 

Each week you'll receive a new lesson on this divination method and have the opportunity to grow your skills and practice. 

• Connect to the Runes on a personal level

• Read 9 Staves Divination Method

• Have Access to History and Lore

• Meet other folk in the Rune Guild

Go fetch the runes!

Table of Contents

About this Course
Intro to the Elder Futhark
First Aett
Thurisaz & Ansuz
Raido & Kenaz
Gaifu & Wunjo
Second Aett
Hagalaz & Nauthiz
Isa & Jera
Eiwaz & Perthro
Algiz & Suilo
Third Aett
Tyr & Berkano
Ehwaz & Mannaz
Laguz & Inguz
Dagaz & Othella
The Nine Stave Divination Method

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send us an email at

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