Hilton Head Island Unit Study

Hilton Head Island isn't just a pretty travel destination; it's a place rich in learning opportunities.  History, science, languages, culture, art, math, reading, physical education...the possibilities are endless!

Turn your next (or first) trip to lovely Hilton Head Island into a fantastic learning experience.

Our family first visited Hilton Head in late April & early May of 2015 for 9 fabulous days. (2 of those days were travel days, so actually it was 7.)  While only 1 day was warm enough to be on the beach and that time of year is not ideal if you love water sports and beaches; it seemed like we had parts of the island to ourselves.

If you've never, ever been to the lovely island, this article:

gives a quick, humorous overview of the first time the author visited.

Take a second to read it, I'll wait...

So, You're in?


This Unit was written specifically for our daughter to use on our family trip. Because I believe the way each child learns is unique, this Unit is designed to be flexible.  You can use it as is, or you can adapt and change it to meet your needs.

Information for the teacher and instructions on adapting the Unit are the first lesson. This information is only available as a download.  I felt it was too long to include on the site.

Each student activity is available for use in multiple ways:  

Each lesson is available on the site, and as a download.  The worksheets that go along with each lesson are only available as downloads.

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Unit Contents

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Activity 10

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Instructions are included as the first lesson. For more information, take my free course How to Create a Unit Study (with a Sample)

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