Life Coaching Courses

​Let me introduce myself...I'm Janice McMillian

...a MCC, Master Certified Coach. 

"Change your mind, change your thoughts, change your life. That's they power of life coaching." 

In life we move forward based on our dominant thoughts and how we dominate our thoughts depends on how we dominate our vision. Life coaching can do that for you. It's a viable skill set that helps you to change your mind, then your thoughts so that you can release the greatness that's already in you or in your clients. 

I wanted to take the next step in my coaching platform to help other individuals gain knowledge about coaching. The coaching that I was trained under allowed me the ability to train and certify others as life coaches too. That's one of the reasons why I offer the Life Coach Course. 

It provides foundational knowledge on life coaching for those who want to pursue it for personal or professional endeavors.

Here’s How This Program Works...

·         The Life Coaching Course is designed to get you moving in the right direction with coaching.

  • The course starts when you say go! I've put the course on manual distribution which means you receive all 10 lessons upon registration. This is a self-pace, learn as you go study platform. Perfect for those who are on the go and cannot conform to a structured schedule. Go as fast as you like, or take your time.  The outcome is - if you do the work…you’ll start seeing some amazing coaching results.
  • There are 3 components to each lesson: (1) the powerpoint course, (2) the audio and (3) fieldwork if you choose to utilize your new found knowledge. 

Fieldwork is key because it'll show you what you need to do to put the material into practice on your way to becoming a life coach.  

You will learn: 

  • the basics and fundamentals of life coaching; 
  • the importance of goal setting and attainment of goals; 
  • How to create a strategic plan for your clients or yourself; 
  • How to use powerful questions to get to the root of your client's thought processes; 
  • The important of living in the moment;  and so much more...

And that's not all, I want to ensure that you are empowered even more. So, guess what, I have bonus coaching tools for you that you can also use on your own clients, just for signing up.  Receive those coaching tools in a member protected area on my website.  

You choose when you want to start. Sometimes it's hard to lock in a specific date. Make the decision today to get moving with a new skill set. You'll be glad you did! 

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It's the best course ever

Frequently Asked Questions

My schedule is busy; how long with this 10-course self-paced program take?

I totally understand! I designed this program so that even the busiest person could do it. You'll receive the lessons as soon as you sign up for the course which includes a summarized powerpoint presentation that has bite-sized information easy for you to digest. On average it should only take about 15 minutes to review - meaning you can squeeze them in easily throughout your day! You'll also get the actual lesson plan that supports what you've learned in the powerpoint, plus an audio of the teaching. If you stay on course with your studies, you should complete them within the month. Keep in mind, there are only 10 courses to digest.

What if I fall behind? Can I take the course at my own pace?

Absolutely yes! That's why I designed the self-paced version. The course is open each month for new participants to register. But, as long as you are a registered and paid student you’ll have an additional month from the day you enroll to complete the course. However, you won't be certified UNTIL after you complete the course.

Where do I access the course?

All of the course content is hosted on the Coursecraft online platform, and you’ll be able to access it on any device. As soon as you enroll you’ll be able to create a username and set a password and login.

Does the course start immediately after I enroll?

As soon as you enroll in the course you're in for a treat. You'll receive some great bonus coaching tools that can be used toward your future coaching clients.

Do I have access to my coach trainer to ask questions or seek advice about a particular subject in the lessons?

Yes you do. I am available via email to answer any questions you may have regarding the program or through the Coursecraft message center.

When do I receive my certification as a life coach?

Once you complete the 10 course program, the coach trainer will conduct an interview with you of certain aspects of the curriculum to ascertain your coaching knowledge. Upon completion of the interview, you'll receive your certification, and badge to showcase on your official documents or on your website.

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  • I am pleased with the awesome life-changing training I received from (Coach) Janice. The coaching program was designed in such a way that it gave me immediate coaching strategies and a plan of action that I was able to implement and gain real life experience immediately before launching out to a large public audience. ​

    — Arlene Spann, CEO, S.W.E.A.T.S - Weight Loss Program Coach
  • The Coaching Boutique has added value and increased awareness to my life! Coach Janice certified coaching course opens your understanding of how to bring out the best in the client and myself. Continue to thrive in your gifting Coach Janice the seeds you have planted will produce fruit that will MULTIPLY in others! 

    — Sherri Cox