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Congratulations, you have found the most incredible course to improve and empower yourself on every level and overcome hardship, depression and trauma. 

While I can‘t guarantee any results (because it really depends on how much work you put in) I can asure you that I put a lot of love and endless hours of work into this course. And who would understand you better than someone that has already been where you are right now and knows how you feel right?


I‘ve overcome:

  • child abuse
  • physical abuse
  • mental abuse
  • severe depression
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • bullying
  • anger
  • fear
  • feelings of being worthless 

and so much more.


What you will learn in this course:

  • How to master your mean thoughts
  • How to make negative thought patterns your bitch
  • How to appreciate life and all the negative experiences you´ve made
  • Why it is crucial to forgive
  • Why we suffer from depression and other disease
  • How to overcome depression and disease
  • How to evolve into a new YOU

But first, let me tell you about myself!

My name is Ricarda, I am 31 years old and I usually live in Germany. 

The last 3 years I worked and traveled around Australia, Bali and New Zealand. It has always been my dream to live in different countries, see the most amazing places and improve my english. 

And I just did that. 

Because I finally understood that I already wasted 27 years on fear, anger, worry and anxiety. 

Trapped in my own body, not able to move. I had to break out and free myself from all that I was at that time. At the core of my heart I knew this is not who I‘m supposed to be, this is not where I‘m supposed to be and not what I‘m supposed to be doing.


It all started when I was about 2 years old. My parents were alcoholics, constantly fighting and I had two other sisters who were already a bit older than me. 

Because our parents were incapable of caring for us and the environment was literally toxic for us we were put in foster families, seperatly. 

I can‘t speak for my sisters because I don‘t know much about the families they were in but my family was a living hell. And I really mean it.

I had a room upstairs, in front of my door was a couch placed so no guest would ever have the idea to open my door. It was locked and I was in there, day and night for the next six years. I remember sitting in there with clothes all around me and a bucket full of cleaning water and feces because I was too scared to ask for the toilet. I was also too scared to ask for water to drink so you probably can imagine what happened. 

When I was allowed outside it was only to eat, in the kitchen, while standing in front of the washing machine because I wasn‘t allowed to eat with everyone on the table. Or to get some firewood in, or to do other chores. All of that while being punished with words, with branches from a hazelnut tree, with a belt or a broom or just simply kicked with the foot. 

I was frequently at the doctor to get my face fixed and often times sent to kindergarden or school with a bruised eye. While you you would think that someone must have noticed and reported it...the reality looked a bit different. As I found out later, there was a report but because the ones that called the police didn‘t mention their name the police couldn’t do anything. 

The school once held me in the office to ask me where my bruised eye came from, but I couldn‘t say anything. And later at home a got some extra punishment to keep it that way. 

By the time I realized that this was not the normal way of living I tried to run away. Once and they got me, twice and they got me the next day. Only because I was so exhausted because of the helicopters and the sirens of the firefighters, and I was so hungry. I sneaked out to have a look around the corner in front of the house and then someone spotted me and he ran. And I was so scared and started running too back to my hiding spot and I screamed! I think I‘ve never been so scared in my life. 

I know you want to think yep she‘s out now, that’s it. 

I‘m sorry to disappoint.

Two years I lived in kids paradise, a home for abused kids. And fairly, I made a quick recovery. But then my mum showed up. She wanted me back. 

I liked her and after months of weekend visits I was allowed to go back to her. And her new husband. And his 4 little kids. 

He put his nice and loving face on during the visits so everything would run smoothly. 

Turned out he was a complete psychopath, he hated me and he mentally abused me. I wasn‘t allowed to have fun, friends, free time, nothing. He gave me the bedroom on the ground floor, nobody else lived there, and he would turn off the heating in winter and open my window so I had to sleep in full clothing, make my homework with gloves and a warm jacket. (I guess that‘s why I hate the cold) He would systematically scare my friends away and make sure I had no contact to any other family members or even the neighbors. 

He would come into my room every day and search it, hoping to find something he could put me down with. He put me 5 days in a row on my desk to learn math and ask me about it. One mistake and I had to go back there while my new siblings had fun outside. He would come into my room every night and shout at me, how useless I am and what I think I am and I should be glad that I‘m allowed to be here. 

He would let me shower only once a week and I had no privacy there either. 

My body became stiffer and stiffer because I didn‘t allow myself to move anymore, any move I made was wrong and resulted in more insult in the evening. 

My mum was still not sober and so at times she didn‘t see what‘s going on and other times she clearly didn‘t want to see it. 

Everything changed when my mom died just before my 16th birthday. My stepdad finally snapped completely and I ran away again. successful. 

The next years I would run from one abusive relationship to the next with growing fear and anger inside of me. I was so depressed and angry that I couldn‘t even remember when I smiled the last time. 

I think in 2013 everything built up to a major breakdown. I was in the middle of my A Level, just escaped someone I really loved for the first time but he didn’t appreciate it. I was bullied at school by a lady that thought it‘s a cool thing to do just because she was frustrated about my ex not wanting her. I also worked part time at a store with an unfriendly boss and got more and more exhausted. I would spend the whole day at home and just cry, about everything and nothing. I suffered from severe back pain and migranes. I would take a whole pack of Ibuprofen 600 in 3 days and not even notice it. Until I couldn’t not sleep anymore. I didn‘t sleep for about three weeks. I didn‘t even know that this was possible, but it is. Everyone who suffered from insomnia before knows that not being able to sleep is torture. And so it came that I stood in my bathroom one evening, completely exhausted, crying, the knife on my wrist...

I didn‘t want anymore. Life was too hard for me. I couldn‘t figure this thing out. I was a complete failure. I was useless. And nobody cared anyways. 

So why continue?

And then there was the fear again. 

What if it doesn‘t work? What if I survive and someone finds me or I have to get help? What would everyone think about me? I imagined people looking at me and talking behind my back. I couldn‘t even die in peace. 

I don‘t know why and how but I think that evening I decided that everything had to change. I needed to get better. I had the right to live a normal life. Which was funny cause I never had thoughts like that before. 

But now that I decided to get better everything opened up and new possibilities opened up for me. 

It was like the universe was testing me and only offering me help when I really decided to want it.  

So I quit my job, despite staying at home for three months I finished my A Level, I changed my diet completely and consumed every bit of information that would lead me anywhere near feeling ok. 

I got better pretty quick, also because I was hooked up on antidepressants but a few months in I realized that I was slightly going backwards again. I knew I had to do more, hadn‘t done enough yet. I felt trapped in my city, my job, my environment. I wanted to do something just for me, something completely different, something that would change me completely. 

And then I remembered my dream about traveling to other countries and learning proper english. 

Three months later I boarded a plane to Australia and wouldn‘t come back the next 3,5 years.

During this time I cut all cords to negativity and allowed myself to get to know myself again. I allowed myself to feel again. I allowed myself to heal. It was so liberating!

I took on a completely new mindset to the point where I can‘t recognize the person I was years ago. I‘m a completely different person and this feels like a completely different life compared to the one I used to life. 

Now one thing I learned about growing and life mastery and overcoming trauma: 

A counselor or psychiatrist won‘t help you much. 

Because they don‘t know what you are going through and therefore they don‘t know how to help you! They haven´t been there. They don´t know how you feel.

Just talking about it doesn‘t fix it. There needs to be a complete mindset change to see results. There need to be some steps to take action on.

 But often people don‘t have access to the thoughts they should be thinking, so they keep struggling and mostly, willing to change, they just can‘t. There isn‘t the possibility of change. Not for them. 


I am living proof that you are not your past and you can change everything. Nothing has to stay in your life if you don‘t want it. Change is only a powerful decision away and fear is an illusion. 

Nothing has to change around you. You can change everything inside you and watch how the world changes around you. 

What you will get in this course:

  • 21 exercises I use in my daily life 
  • Life experience instead of a degree 
  • Stories out of my own life to motivate you and show you that EVERYTHING is possible
  • Email support if you need it
  • Advice from someone that REALLY understands you because I´ve been there

With this said, I hope you get the best out of this course. Know that you are loved and you have the right to live a joyful life.

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It's the best course you´ll ever take!