✨The PURPOSE of this course is to get you:

  • Grounded in the foundations of basic finances
  • Helping you to understand the basic tenants of finances
  • Changing you mindset around finances to one of wealth
  • Putting together a budget, an income and expenditure account
  • Debt management:The different between bad debt and good debt; and How to get out of debt

✨The course is PRACTICAL
, getting you started on how to manage your current and future finances better. The beauty about this course is that it starts you where you are now, broaching questions that will help you get to where you need to be. 

: At the end of this course, you will have a well-planned out roadmap for your finances, with money, savings and investments ‘baskets’ put in place, ready for you to start filling! Included are some inspirational talks from the likes of Jim Rohn so you can get an understanding for the need to do one small act each day toward your goals, as well as changing your mindset toward abundance and the importance of goal setting.

to this topic is to make sure that you START budgeting, saving and investing, as opposed to only reading the content. We learn through actively doing something. Don’t just take the information and sit on it. Choose one action toward budgeting, saving for investing and start using it straight away. This is the only way you will gain from this course.

    ✨KNOWLEDGE is NOT power. Knowledge is POTENTIAL power. It is what you do with the knowledge you have attained that will bring you POWER. Interested in taking concrete steps toward savings and investment? This basic finance course will get you there. 


    Don't miss out
    Let's get you saving and investing!

    Table of Contents

    Day 0
    Day 1
    Where are your finances today?
    Day 2
    Running your life like a business
    Day 3
    Part 1: Debt management
    Part 2: Savings & Investment Options
    Day 4
    Planning & Goal setting
    Day 5
    Growing your asset column

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