The Independent Therapist

Here is everything you need in order to build a life of independence as a therapist. It is based upon my own experience and plan that led to my current thriving practice as well as more than a dozen other therapists and coaches I have helped along the way in gaining our independence. 

When I wondered about how to start a private practice, it took forever! First I had to figure out what to do (which was a ton of time) then I had to actually do it. There were people that gave advice, but it was so confusing. Maybe it was because there aren’t as many resources out there, but it seemed like such a huge endeavor to start a private practice!

What the Plan is Based On

First and foremost, this plan is the outline of what I used to build my current practice which is entirely independent now (making a little over $65k the first year), but was pursued in phases, phases I will walk you through with all the detail I can remember.  You can of course skip over the transition phase and just go for it, but I used a conservative approach to ensure that the business was sustainable.  

The ideas and processes are based upon a compilation of my experience in multiple roles in different organizations from the Cleveland Clinic, the York City Bureau of Health and other agency work to my role of being an executive officer of a start up company, Provant Health, that started off with only 12 of us grossing $225,000 in the first year to a company with over 7,000 employees grossing over 10 million by the time I left 5 years later.  

I am not saying that I am responsible for even close to all of that growth, it was most definitely a collective effort, but I most certainly contributed to developing the key sets of processes and departments within the organization as it all unfolded.

It is because of these experiences that I believe that my own private practice has benefited from and obtained the level of success that it has and it is my dream that the success I have had in applying the concepts within to my practice and the practices of others, that you too can gain a similar status and lifestyle that we have all come to enjoy.

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What You Will Learn

Welcome Video
10 Considerations
Think Life Balance (Love,Work, Play & Health)
Phase 1: Setting Up
Business Basics
Brick and Mortar
Protect Yourself
Setting Up Check List
Policies and Procedures
Phase 2: Develop Your Plan
Who Will You Serve?
How Much Are You Worth?
The Insurance Question
Crash Course in Marketing
Phase 3: Transition
Moving From Agency to Autonomy
Phase 4: Fine Tuning
Font, Graphics, Color Palette, Aesthetics
What is Your End Goal?

Frequently Asked Questions

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